Tuesday, July 29, 2008

In Secret Service by Mitch Silver..

I was wrong, in my previous post i mentioned i would finished the book by Sunday evening. I finished the book, Sunday afternoon around 2pm. I bought the book Saturday nite, read 15 chapters of it before went to bed.

Continued again after breakfast and did not stop until i finished reading it.

Excerpt from the book: 1997

It has been a beautiful summer day, but now it was after midnight and the well known couple just wanted to get back to the apartment for a few hours of sleep before returning to London.

The paparazzi were waiting in front of the hotel on the Place Vendome, so they hurried out the back, she in light-coloured trousers and a dark blazer, he in jeans and a leather shirt. Instead of their usual limousine they were bundled into a less consipicuous Mercedes 280S. The security man from the hotel drove the car. The bodyguard a former member of the parachute regiment who had down two stints in Northern Ireland, got in next to him and fastened his seat belt.

As always, time was of the essence. A couple of photographers on motorbikes were already alerting their colleagues to join the chase. the driver quickly pulled out into the rue de Rivoli but found a car stalled in the lane for the champs-elysees. So he made for the Seine and the tunnel under the Place de Alma, just as the men who had blocked the exit knew he would.

Nothing had been left to chance. The closed-circuit video cameras en route and the speed-enforcement ones in the Alma tunnel had all suddenly "malfunctioned" at the stroke of midnight. The man with the brake box was waiting behind the tunnel's ninth concrete post for his cue, the moment when the Kawasaki motorcycle would come into view.

At exactly twenty five minutes after midnight, the two stuntmen on the Kawasaki came tearing through the concrete maze ahead of the Mercedes and the recently painted white car, weighted down with cement blocks in the trunk, that was poking along the right hand lane. When the driver of the white car suddenly turned his wheel full to the left and rammed the Mercedes, the piercing screech of shearing sheet metal filled the tunnel as the two cars went door to door.

The driver of the Mercedes was fighting to regain control when the man on the back of the Kawasaki-the one wearing the special goggles-turned in his seat and aimed his weapon. The American made Surefire Dominator high-intensity light flashed its 460 blue-white lumens directly into the driver's eyes, forcing the reflex known as optic shutdown. Later, the first paparazzo to reach the scene would report a blinding light coming from the tunnel half a mile ahead of him.

Now the man crouching behind the pillar hit the switch on his "Boston Brakes" box- a misnomer, really, as it was the drivetrain and steering wheel on the Mercedes he was now controlling, not the brakes- and moved the joystick violently left, then right, then left again. The 280s jerked to the left, crossed to the right ahead of the white car, and then came back across the road toward oncoming traffic, smashing into the thirteenth concrete pillar and coming to a stop, facing the way it had came.

In the back seat of the wreck, the boyfriend was dead and the woman who knew too much would soon be joining him. It was simply a question of injecting the dying driver with the syringe of alcohol and chemicals, detaching the shortwave receiver from the Mercedes drivetrain, and to sell the white car story, salting the crash scene with a few broken Fiat Uno parts. The white car had already driven away, followed into the night by the men on the motorcycle. Another car that had been traveling behind the Mercedes now slowed just enough so the man with the brake box could get in. Then it too sped away before the first of the photographers reached the crash.

My take : This book has 435 pages of intense scenes which captivates readers from the beginning to the end.

Its about a young lady Dr Amy (Phd holder) receiving a car from a bank in Ireland. It seems the bank is closing down and the bank were looking for people who had safe deposits there. Ian Fleming (creator of James Bond) had a safe deposit there. He had left instructions that 50 years after his death (he died in 1964), the contains in the box shall be given to Dr Amy. But because the bank was on the verge of closing down, they had to put forward Fleming's request.

The adventure began when Amy opened the box and saw a bunch of documents and letters from Ian to her. Ian and Amy's grandfather was involved in one mission during the fall of Germany. Reason for writing to her (and to be opened after 50 years of his death), so that the characters that was in his letter to her won;t be alive any more.

But since the letter was opened about a decade too soon, some of the people are still alive and would not want to see what Ian has documented.

Once Amy had received the papers and started to read the letters, people started to die and even on her way back to US, she was being followed and nearly killed.

Letters written to her can really cause embarrassment to the US and British government, especially the British Government. Especially the 'real' reason in 1936, King Edward gave up his throne to marry an American divorcee. But in the book, the reason he gave up the throne is because he was too friendly with the Germans and simply give information to other people. He was a 'liabilty' to the British government.

Lovely book, the story is well written and could be 'true' but we will never know..:)

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Got this from you know who...:)

Hope you all will like it...:)

Woman takes off her jeans,
throws it at her boyfren n said

"make me feel like a woman".

Boyfren removes his jeans,
throws at his girlfren n said..

"wash both!".


Bought a book last night "In Secret Service" by Mitch Silver. Will post on the review after i finished it (if going to plan..by Sunday evening, will finish it).

At the moment all i can say is...although it is a novel, but a lot of interesting people of the 20th century are in it. From Ian Flemming (creator of James Bond), main characters during world war 2, to the late Princess Diana (abt how she 'really' died).

May you all have a great weekend and a great week ahead.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My weekend...

Hello you all,

Sorry for not blog hopping...since Sat my modem gone kaput. Today Telecom just replace a new one for me.

Nothing much over the weekend, except played in a golf competition. Got 8th position. This month my handicap went up from 20 to 21. I played gross score of 93..nett is 72 (in golf terms, quite good). No out of bounds and only lost one ball. I was surprise too. Cause the nite before the competition, rained heavily and i seldom play well when the course condition was wet.

Hopefully will keep on improving...:)

For 8th placing, i got RM100..:) All the winners had to drink 1 glass of beer before being allow to leave the stage...me not a good drinker...took more then 1 min to finished. Some people less than 10 seconds they finished a whole glass.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Got this from Monica..Thanks again. Will like to share with all of you..:)

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Birthday week..

Hehe...last week was my birthday week (main day was 6.7.08, same as bro Akmal's).

Nothing major....just hanged out with friends on Wednesday nite. We went to one of the hotels for coffee and cakes. The cakes there are half price after 6pm. Forgot to bring the camera to take pictures of the cakes.

Saturday night had dinner with my GF at one of the retaurant in town (Lush is the name of the place).

I had a plate of Spaghetti. Not to my liking. A bit dry.

My GF had a plate of Chicken with mash potato. Very tasty and better than what i ordered.

I think this is one of a mexican dish called Fajita...tasty. Its like the mexican version of chinese spring roll..:)

On Sunday we went for Japanese style steam boat. Again forgot to take pictures of it. The above pictures were taken from my GF's hand phone.

Family was away so this year did not celebrate with them. GF bought me a pop soda shirt. White colour buttoned. She 'secretly' bought the shirt on Friday. Have already told her no need to get me anything...but she insist.

Thanks again sweety....love the shirt...:)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

One year on....

Got this tag from Yatie. Thank you Yatie. Good timing...:)

Will like to share this award to my fellow friends here. To all of you, thank you for your friendships and encouragements. May God bless you always (which also includes silent readers too).

Time sure passed by very fast. On the 6.7.08, will be my 1 year in the blogging world and 30 something years in this world. Here was my first post.

So what is my thoughts after 1 year in the blogging world?

I get to make friends from all over the place. Blogging has made the world smaller. hehe....even met up with one...all the way from US of A..:)

Blogging to me is like visiting a friend's place....thank you to all for welcoming me.

But Daphne is the best, she has met up with some of the top bloggers of Malaysia..:) Good on her. And 6.7.08 is also Akmal's birthday. Happy birthday bro.

For the past few years...usually celebrate my birthday with my friends, girlfriend and the actual day itself with my family. Celebrate with friends...usually go for Karaoke session...:)

But this year....a bit quiet because of high prices of EVERYTHING...just had supper with close friends and dinner with GF. Family is away....so home alone.

Any way...many things to write but just do not know how to put it here. Before i post this...just another round of thanks to all of you.

I sign off with this lovely msg from KL aunty.

Smooth roads never make a good driver :)

smooth sea never make a good sailor :)

clear skies never make a good pilot :)

problems free life never makes a strong person :)

Be strong enough to accept the challenges in life!

Don;t ask life, "Why me?" instead to say "Try me" :)

I wish you the best at all times :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Hope you all will like this song..:)

Can't believe time passed by so fast..on the 6.7.08..will be 1 year since i started blogging.

Will post my thoughts as the day gets closer....in the mean time...have a great week ahead.

Cheers and God bless.