Monday, July 9, 2007


Its a sad day for a family in Penang, a young child was kidnapped over the weekend when her mother went to pay her parking fee. It was a 10 minute thingy and i am sure if she could turn back time, it will be that moment. The child was left in the car and when the mother came back, the child was gone, after searching for few hours, she started to call her family and over the weekend, MCA people and the general public joined in on the search.

But sad to say, there was no happy ending for this case. My prayers and i am sure a lot of people's prayers will be to the family of the victim.

The next time if you go to a bookshop, please look for this book.

"This book reviewed of the wisdom from the strategies of the 500BC military strategist, Sun Tzu’s and practical applications from contemporary examples to guide both police officers and ordinary citizens on how they could go about on their own, or work in partnership, to prevent crime from taking place. Ordinary citizens will also find the crime prevention tips to be both practical and useful towards ensuring they don’t become victims of crimes, and at the same time, allow them to understand the workings behind the police force in Malaysia and Singapore."

Who knows, maybe crime can be prevented by following the tips from the book.

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