Friday, July 6, 2007

Hello and disclamer

Today (6.7.2007), is my birthday. And to treat myself i am creating a blog. Therefore i am a newbie in this. I have read blogs from ladybird, Ian, CK, Sileast, rantingsbyMM, limkitsiang, and a few from MC.Net.

Before i go on, would like to put out a disclamer on the name i have taken for this blog.

"NIGHTWING and other related properties and images are ™ & © by DC Comics. All rights reserved. This web site, its operators, and any content contained on this site relating to the characters of DC Comics are not sponsored, approved, or authorized by DC Comics. The opinions of this site are not necessarily those of DC Comics. Some illustrations and words are the creation of others that have appeared in other publications. Their inclusion in this site is not intended as an infringement of their copyright in any way, but rather is done in the interest of documenting and reviewing and promoting pieces the work of DC Comics."

Hehe, would not want to have any legal issues in the future. I am just a comic fan and like the nick Nightwing and the character in the comic world.

Any way, someone asked me why do i want to write a blog? I answered, i have read others and i just want to share my thoughts on things and what i like.

For those who are season writers, please bare with me, as this is my first step in the blogging world.


zach said...

welcome to the world of blogging and what a wonderful date you have chosen to start blogging. Its a very memorable present for your birthday in the physical world and virtual world. Walk ahead. Look backward to move further forward.

Nightwing said...

Thanks Zach for being my first guest in posting a comment. Much appreciated.