Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Picking up my bro...

Due to family emergency, today i had to pick up my youngest bro from school (primary 1). So i was there about 10 minutes early and lo and behold, a lot of parents are already there. Either inside the car or outside the gate waiting. Today, rained a bit, so most parents carried their umbrellas.

I looked around and thought, i really hope the children knows what the parents do for them when they are growing up. You know how kids can be when they are in secondary schools or Colleges. Before this i heard from my aunty, there is this father who rides in motobike (advoid traffic jams). If the child got afternoon class, he will bring the bag for the afternoon class and take the morning one back.

School bags nowadays are darn heavy (i carried my bro's)lucky got wheels if not i am not sure how my bro going to handle the bag (cause he is quite small size).

He took his sweet time in coming out. I was rushing for time, cause i had an appointment to meet a supplier. But it turn out ok, by the time he came out, the jam was not bad. If he had come out on time, i will also be stuck in the jam. So it work out quite well today.

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