Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wednesday nite..

Came home from work found a letter by City council, seems i forgot to pay some parking thingy. RM 1. Phew...thought it would be a lot more. Will get it paid by today.

Then, saw a package with my name on it. Sent by courier from KL. Opened it and it was a book titled "WIN WITHOUT FIGHTING" by Mr Khoo Kheng Hor. The book was sent by a friend as a birthday gift. Thank you very much Mr K.

After i read, i will share it here. But seriously, any book by Mr Khoo Kheng Hor is good and worth reading it. If any one of you are into reading please buy some of Mr Khoo's book and you will see what i mean.

Received a phone call from a friend, have not heard from him for past few months. Asked me to join him for a drink. I said sure no problem but i have to leave early cause already got an appointment with another friend.

So, went to one of the sea food restaurant, arrived almost at the same time (7:30pm). He ordered some beers and some food. Only 4 of us there but 19 bottles of Tiger. I am not a good drinker, whether i drink fast or slow, my face grow red very fast.

By the time i reached the second place, my face was really red. Requested warm water, chatted a bit. Then we proceed to have a game of Chess. Seriously do not drink and play chess. hehe..can;t even concentrate. First game, i lost horribly. 2nd and third game,( lost also )but not that bad. At least the final game i manage to take out the Queen.

Overall i had fun. Next time, no drinking before playing chess (haha, as if that will improve my game).

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