Sunday, July 8, 2007

World is Flat

At the moment i am reading the book titled The World is Flat by Mr Thomas L Friedman. Please read the interview i posted. Very interesting book. First chapter talks about outsourcing of workers in the USA. Whereby if a person call any call centers in US, the person answering the phone might be else where or majority of them in India. And the people working on the phone knows where the person is calling from and also know the weather in the place where the person is calling from. And the person who placed the call never know that he/she is talking to some one so far away.

Another interesting thing is, ever went to Mc Donald drive in? When a person place an order through the intercom thingy, a person will take the order and relay it to the people in the kitchen. Now, that person that takes the order is sitting at home through the PC taking the order. Example, a person at the drive in is at an Mc D outlet in Nevada. The person taking the order from the intercom may be sitting in Utah. Even at a drive in they are doing outsourcing.

This author while researching for this book, traveled to India and went to one the 'call centers' there and he saw first hand how those calls were handled. Indians speaking with American accents. He even asked one of the operators there, what was the longest call he ever handled? The guy answered with out blinking, 11 hours.I have not finished the book yet. But chapter one was already so interesting that i had to blog it first.

At the moment just started chapter 2, he listed 10 reasons why and how all this technology thingy started and took place which in turn make the world 'Flat'.

For any of you in to web technology please go to Surya's web site. He had blogged about other interesting sites that do business on the net.

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