Thursday, July 19, 2007

World Smartest dog?

(Picture taken by United Daily News)

Please check out the web, its a video showing her doing tricks.

This story is for dog lovers out there. Its kinda cool to have such a trained dog.

Smart dog knows to wait in line when buying things for its owner
07/16/2007 (

A Japanese Kishu dog named "Hello" that lives in Pingdong in southern Taiwan that has recently become an enormous hit on the Internet. Many people have called the canine the smartest dog in the world. The reason for this is that the dog will hold money in her mouth and walk to a nearby convenience story where she buys a hot dog. In addition, the dog also helps its master, who sells betel nuts, open up the refrigerator and pull out boxes of betel nuts to give to customers. If that was not enough, the dog can also do tricks. She is able to balance her four legs on four glasses.
Hello's master, Chen Yung-po, operates a betel nut stand on Chungshan Road. Many of his patrons make a special point of saying that they want to buy betel nuts from Hello. Once Chen gives the order, Hello then goes and opens the door to the refrigerator and pulls out a box of betel nuts. In addition, there is no hesitation on Hello's part; the dog clearly is well trained in what she is doing. The dog's actions delight customers, who love to play with her.

Hello not only helps out around the stand, but also delivers betel nuts to people who order them. The dog will hold a bag of betel nuts in its mouth and then cross the street. Customers will put money into another plastic bag, which Hello then takes back to the stand. One time Hello was nearly hit by a motorcycle driving by. As a result, Chen Yung-po decided that it was too dangerous to send Hello on carry out missions and decided to cancel this service.

Hello regularly carries a plastic bag with money in it and will go to the convenience store next door to buy things. A worker in the convenience store, Cheng Huan-wen, said that when he sees the amount of money in the bag, he immediately knows what Hello has come to buy. If the bag contains NT$10, this means the dog has come to buy chewing gum. If there is NT$20 in the bag, the dog's mission is to buy a cheese hot dog. If Chen Yung-po wants to buy canned dog food for Hello, he will put a note in the plastic bag along with the money saying that he wants to buy the beef-flavored food. Chen insists on buying the cans of beef dog food since Hello does not like to eat canned chicken dog food.

Cheng Huan-wen said that Hello is an excellent and well-mannered customer. When there are a lot of people in the store, Hello will get in line to pay for things. When it is the dog's turn in line, the dog will put her front paws on the counter and wait for the employee behind the counter to count out the money in the plastic bag and then put the goods purchased in a bag that Hello takes back to her master. Sometimes Hello likes to linger around in the convenience store to enjoy the air conditioning. Chen Yung-po, however, has made it clear to the employees of the convenience store that he wants to dog to come back after she has finished buying things and does not want her to loiter in the store.

Hello's favorite food is cheese flavored hot dogs. However, the dog is so well disciplined in that she will not immediately start eating the hot dog after she buys it. Rather, Hello will take the hot dog back to its master, who will chop it up and put it on a plate, after which Hello will have a chance to eat it. Hello is only a little over a year old. Chen has used hot dogs and canned dog food as treats in order to train the dog.

Chen said that he also taught Hello to stand on four glass cups; Hello mastered the trick in only three months. Every time Hello stands on the glasses, the dog is able to do so for 20 minutes. However, some people have complained, saying that this constitutes mistreatment of the dog. Hello also carries a case on her back that has a mobile phone inside. Chen Yung-po said that the phone is not meant to be used by Hello. Rather, when the phone rings, the dog will come over to Chen and let him answer it.

Many people have posted pictures and video clips on the Internet of Hello carrying hot dogs and bags of betel nuts. Lots of people have gotten a kick out of the dog's tricks, posting comments that the dog is "cool." Chen is looking for a suitable male dog to have Hello to mate so Hello can give birth to the next generation of intelligent Kishu puppies.

I just hope, no one is cruel enough to steal the dog from her owner.

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