Thursday, August 16, 2007

Brunei trip - pic 2

Here is the continuation of my Brunei trip. I must say the service there is very good and most of the workers in the service industry are from Philipines. They are quite polite and helpful.

The cakes are from the hotel restaurant at 'The Mall'. We had blue cheese cake and 'Opera' cake. Very nice. B$2.50 each, and it comes with a complimentary coffee or tea.

Had a Japanese dinner at Misato (Kiulap Branch). Not sure where it is, i just followed in the car ....hehe. Nice place and environment. Did not manage to take a lot of pics there cause nearly out of battery.

The next night, had dinner at Sheraton Hotel. Buffet style, a lot of choices B$38 per person. One can also order from the menu, which from far, look like a news paper..hehe.

Overall the food there is not that expensive (please do not do conversion). If working in Brunei, dollar to dollar. Next batch of photos will be EMPIRE hotel.

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