Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Different Chinese - Book

A Different Chinese,was written by CQ ( Fu Ce Qin). He is a Malaysian from Malacca. He has worked for more than a decade of international marketing and from his extensive traveling and observation he came out with this book. Based on his experience and observations on different Chinese in different countries.

Countries like China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and etc...Different characteristics in different countries. It is a good book for those who plan to have dealings with Chinese from these different countries.

Here is some of the summary (from the book).

CHINA - Clear thinking, vocal & decisive. Brave to risk, brave to act. Strong
survival instint.

Taiwanese - Adventurous and adaptive, think of danger in time of peace, opportunist, overly humble, pretentious, reverse style of communication (go around the bush).

Hong Kong - Street smart, alert, energetic and very self confident. Do thing by laws and aware of basic human rights. Honour promises and contracts, straight forward and blunt, very fussy with food.

Thai Chinese - Shy, soft spoken, minimum radical demands due to Buddist influence, patriotic businessmen, personal sentiment is more important than laws.

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