Monday, August 27, 2007


Here are the market where many people would come and have their breakfast, lunch, dinner and some supper. Not all the stalls open in the morning. Some stalls only open during evening and till early mornings.

If i do go to market, this two stalls will be it. The one on the left, noodle stall but i only eat their dry 'lau su fen'. Love to eat it, since my school days. And after all these years, the taste is still the same. The one on the left, famous for its curry rice. Also been there a long time. During lunch time, have to wait a long time cause too many people eat or take away. Their business is always good (unless it rains) but other then that, always sold out by the 1pm. For these two stalls, wonder if any one will take over and learn from them. Cause once they retire, a lot of the citizens are going to miss it.

On the other side of the market is where people can buy their veges and fruits.

The meat section.

Heard from people that they might ask to relocate in a two to three years time. Rumor has it that the market might be turn into a car park or something else. Hope it is not too soon, cause still enjoy those dishes.

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