Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Palm oil week...

This week is Palm oil week in Miri. Started yesterday until 10 of this month. It is organised by MPOB (Malaysia Palm Oil Berhad).

It was officiated by Datuk Peter Chin, Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities. Many people were there, most of them are smallholders. Datuk also gave out some coupons to exchange for good quality seedling to about 7 members of Parliament of Sarawak. It is for their constituents smallholders use.

I was at the opening but did not brought my camera. The exhibition is at the Imperial Mall.In the morning a lot of people so did not go around the booth.

I did managed to take some pictures during the night but the exhibition already finished for the day. Will post it later.

At the moment Sabah contribute the most palm oil in Malaysia. Sarawak is slowly into this. This is where small holders comes in, they can contribute to the palm oil industry. With the new type of seedlings, i am sure they can raise their output and thus increased their income.

MPOB is willing to help and teach the small holders with regards to planting and getting the proper teaching in maintaining the palm trees...i.e ways to get rid of pests and diseases.

If possible, please go and see the exhibition, one will be surprise on the many things that can be used from Palm oil/tree.

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