Monday, August 13, 2007

Tiger won another major, just 5 more for the all time record.

He did it again. Winning the final major (US PGA) for the year. He had won 5 times this year. No matter how many tournament he wins, if he did not win a major title in a year, he will not consider it a good year. So by winning it, he said he had a great year. It was the first major title as a father. Even his daugher wore red (his Sunday shirt).

Congratulations to Tiger Woods. The other 3 major winners of the year, did not do too good. Two of them did not even make the cut (to play in the weekend). Tiger Wood really goes to tournaments to win them. Seriously our sports men and women should learn from him. His mental game is very sharp and tough. At the moment, in Malaysia, i think only Nicol David (Squash Queen) has this kind of mental toughness.

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