Saturday, September 8, 2007

Golf game...

Last night have been raining almost the whole night. Thought the golf game with my bro will be cancelled. Recently have been trying to play at least one round of golf with him. So that he can improve his game (indirectly mine too..hehe)

Rained until about 6am. Woke up about 7 something, a bit sunny but some area very cloudy. We went out around 8:15am, went for breakfast, reach the golf course...cloudy. We took a chance....played for about 4 holes started to rain. Skipped one hole and reach the half way house to get some shelter. Waited for more then half and hour, rain stop.

So we continue our game, after 3 holes, rain again. My bro said lets go home, raining again. So ok, we skip the final hole, reach the club house, cleaned out clubs...pack everything, my bro got the next 9 holes voucher, so can still use it next time (rain check thingy). The rain stop and the sun came up. then the mood to continue the other 9 hole already gone. So we went to the driving range to hit few shots.

Any way, i would like to wish all of you a wonderful weekend with your love ones.

Take care and God bless.


winniethepooh said...

good for you nightwing that ure doing well in ur golfing :)

me..'tiny balls' and me never seems to go well, when i tried golfing long time back, never seems to be able to see the 'TINY LITTLE WHITE BALL' hahaha, always missing it. After a while, arms got tired, i say forget it, there's other balls thats bigger that I can check out :P so i like to bowl instead of golf :)

have a great weekend nightwing!

Cat Cat said...

Ahhh, a golf fan ya...
My hubby also loves golf and would spend hours.. I repeat HOURS playing golf.

Nice blog. Will visit again for sure.

ruby ahmad said...

Hi Nightwing,

Hmm..a superhero who loves golf eh? Intersting! Ha ha.

So if I SOS-ed you, where would you change?

Nightwing said...

Hello Winnie, hehe....last time use to think golf is for older people. But thanks to Tiger woods, he make golf 'cool'.

Any way, thanks for the support, still learning the game and just to sweat it out. My bro still young, got chance for future...hehe.

Cat Cat, thanks for stopping by and your kind words.

Golf is strange. If you ask a golfer guy to take the rubbish out from the house, they either say 'to hot' or 'later'.

But if ask them to play golf, 'rain' or 'shine', they will be there no problem.

Golf is also a good form of game for networking and sweating (for walking courses).

Ruby Ahmad, hehe...still trying to get Flash to give me a special ring like his, so can easily change any where...Hope u had a great weekend..:)

ruby ahmad said...

Hi Nightwing,

When you do get it from Flash please give me a call. Meantime I would keep out of mischief.

I just got home from a lovely event where I did an impromptu public speech and it went brilliant. So now I'm reeling from excitement and decided to blog hop to keep me sane..ha ha. Yes tq for the wish as a matter of fact I had a most stunning weekend. I danced the night away at Lake Club on Friday, Saw two concerts on Sat and tonight my speech. Oh I decided to take it easy tomorrow...

You have a creative and thoughtful Monday. Hey I was told to get in touch with people you once cared for..maybe you should too..he he..

Nightwing said...

Hello Ruby, Great to hear you had a great weekend. do a speech is not easy, and to do an impromptu one...great stuff.

If can, mind to share the speech...:)

What sort of concert did u watch?

Thanks for the wishes. You too have a great week ahead.