Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kuching trip..pic 1

On Saturday went down to Kuching, family emergency. Stayed at Hilton with my dad and my bros (i am eldest). Brother 4 and 5 share bed with dad, i slept in the other room, on the sofa. My first time staying there. Not bad the room.

Here are some photos taken from the hotel. Some from the executive lounge. They also have photocopying machine, 2 computers for guest to use. I used it to checked my blog..:)

This picture is taken from the room. Uncle Lee would have been to a few of this long houses back then.

Opposite the river, still in construction is the new State assembly for Sarawak State government. If not mistaken, this building cost about RM 400 over million.

Some old shop houses, India street and carpenter street are located there. They are famous tourist spots for handicrafts.

This is the executive lounge, breakfast, lunch, tea breaks and dinner is served. Love the cheese cake. Duh of me not taking pictures of it.

Used the computer here to check my blog and some sports news.

Saw the orchids, thought they are nice. This picture is dedicated to orchid lovers.

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