Thursday, September 13, 2007

Music and songs

I like listening to music (not into heavy metal though). When i was growing up, my generation is not really into Bee Gees, Air Supply and golden oldies songs. But each time when some of this songs being played over the air waves, i suddenly knew the tune to the song.

At first did not think much of it, when go Karaoke (when age permitted), most of the songs i know are from golden oldies. One day i asked my aunty, she told me, when i was young, i was exposed to those songs. Sort of like being stored in my memory bank. Hidden some where at the end. hehe...that explain why i like songs from Air Supply and Bee Gees.

Yesterday, only found out that i can post youtube to my blog. Hope you all don;t mind, will be posting some songs up...hehe.

Favourite songs? Too many to choose from. But Bee Gees's Tragedy is one of them.

Favourite groups? Il Divo, Michael Learns to rock, Westlife, NKOTB, Air Supply, Bee

Favourite Male Singers? Josh Groban, Elvis, Julio Iglesias, jeff Chang, Michael

Favourite Female Singer? Celine Dion, Jolene.


J.T. said...

I am like you - don't favour heavy metal.

When I was growing up, my parents listened to a lot of oldies (50s and 60s), so those songs were stored in my memory. In fact, I took a liking to it and sang them effortlessly. As time passed, I started liking songs from my generation. Right now, songs of the 80s brings the most smiles to my face when I am alone. Lots of memories there.

Air Supply was one of my favourites. Barry Manilow is another one (I know some people cannot stand him) - he had lovely songs too. Loved Whitney Houston's music. My other likes - REO Speedwagon, Chicago, Queen, Culture Club.

Nightwing said...

Hi JT.

Barry Manilow originally sang 'Mandy' right?, until Westlife or Boyzone sang the cover version.

Wonder why people don;t like him (Barry Manilow).

Whitney Houston's music also great, don;t think i have heard of REO speedwagon. What songs have they sang?

Chicago, Queen and Culture club - nice songs. Sad for culture club..they were doing well.

J.T. said...

Hi Nightwing

REO Speedwagon sang "I Can't Fight This Feeling". Very popular in 1986, I think.

Yes, Barry Manilow sang "Mandy". I haven't heard Westlife's or Boyzone's versions. In any case, I always prefer the original recordings.

Whenever people put down or make fun of Barry Manilow, I feel sad for the singer. He has beautiful songs. For the fact that his songs have been used as a category in American Idol is an honour enough. One of my favourites of his is "Weekend in New England." Very romantic and touchy, feely song. :D

Culture Club - yeah, sad. They were around just for a couple of years. "Karma Chameleon" made them famous.

Nightwing said...

Hi JT, So they are the ones who sang ' i can't fight this feeling', like the song but never know who was the original singer.

Ya, sometimes critics can be cruel. I like most of Barry Manilow's songs. I think he also sang 'I write a song?' Forgot the title, but goes something like....

'I write the song that makes the whole world sings, i write the songs that make the....' Sorry forgot the lyrics..

My regret is not knowing how to play a musical to sing but can;t play piano or guitar..:(

You have a great weekend now.