Thursday, October 4, 2007

Asterix the Gaul...

Any one a fan of Asterix? I forgot when it was the first time i read the comics. But it was in NZ when i noticed the names the characters had, that makes it more readable and fun.

Asterix = *, Obelix (his faithful friend) = round, Dogmatix = Dot matrix. Getafix (their famour druid who make potions for them to fight the Romans) = Sort of like a doctor thing, 'get a fix', their chief Vitalstatistic = hehe...he is on the big size type of character. Unhygenix = their village fish monger and many more.

Original this book is in French but has since been translated to many different languages.

When i came back, Popular book store was selling a copy of the book RM 44.90 or RM 46.90 (depends on the pages). I could not afford to buy it...too expensive. Then recently they had a sale...the books was on offer ...70% (which comes to about RM 13.60). When i bought the first 3 books, there was still plenty of it staked up. The following week i went back, half gone. It seems in Miri, a lot of Asterix fan too.

Tonight will go and see if there is anymore...:)

It tells about the Adventures of Asterix and his friend Obelix during the Roman occupation under Julius Caesar. Their village was the only Gaul village holding out against the occupiers. Their village druid makes magic potion which helps them in holding off the Romans.

Obelix was the only one who can;t drink it cause when he was a baby he fell into the cauldron full of the magic potion. In every book, he will sure try to curi curi drink the potion which was always stoped by Getafix (the druid). He himself could take on the Roman garrison without taking the potion...:)

Children who reads the book can also learn a bit of History. Cause Asterix advantures takes him to many places, Rome, France (under the old name), Britain, Spain, Egypt and etc.. Different places have their own different specialty. This infomation came out in the book,

I like Asterix because of the humour and the detail drawings of the characters...including Obelix's pet dog. Each picture frame tells a story when one look closely at the pictures.

Children will have fun reading Asterix...:) And the adults will enjoy the humour of it.

Here is the official website of Asterix


Daphne Ling said...

Hey NightWing,

Hmmm...I remember having read it before...

But I am a big fan of Archies! They cost a bomb too =(

You know, you could try NovelHut...They sell second hand comics...Most are still in good condition, and you pay about 1/3 of the price!

Nightwing said...

Hi Daphne, hehe..i am also a fan of Archies (wonder who is not..:)

Ya, its expensive...nowadays will only try to get it over at the pasar malam, where they sell RM 2-4 ringgit...without cover.

Have u read the one when they were adults ...'15 years later'? That was a good story line.

Thanks for the tip on Novelhut..

You have a great weekend ahead.

Ms eNVy said...

Hi NightWing , found out about ur blog when I was reading comments on Rita's & Cath's .. anyways my family and I LOVE Asterix too! I've quite a collection of Asterix's books .. even got collection of Asterix's DVD (tht shows you how much we LOVE Asterix) :) ..

Nightwing said...

Hello Ms Envy, welcome to my crib. So nice, you have collections of it. hehe will never get tired of Asterix.

hmmm..will try get the dvds...hehe.

Thanks again for popping in, you have a great week ahead. Cheers.