Monday, October 22, 2007


On Sunday, played in a golf competition (invited guest section). Its a yearly event, my golf club's open tournament. It is a 3 day event.

The day before (2nd day of competition), one guy scored a Hole-in-one in a par 3 hole, the prize was a New Toyota Camry and Persona (Latest model of Proton). He is a player from Kudat. The $$ worth of the prize was about RM300k (i may be wrong), just heard conversations among other golfers.

On the same hole, first day (Friday)...this player hit 2 shots into the pond (same hole, which he scored the ace). I guessed he must use that as a practise for him to score the hole in one.

One of the players playing with me saw the whole thing, cause he was the course marshal for day 1 and 2. He said the shot landed perfectly and roll straight to the hole. The player himself did not even realise it. I can guess he must have wished the competition ended that day itself...:)

Any way, i had a chance at the hole too....:) it landed on the green but rolled away...missed my chance to share the prize..haha.

Yesterday was the longest golf competition i ever played...finished about 5-6 hours after i start. Due to a lot of waiting when we crossed over to the second 9. I played ok for my first 9, used only 3 wood and iron. But due to the long wait at the second 9, blew 2 holes...hense the chance of winning something.

Shot of the day ....there was one hole really played like Tiger Wood. After i tee off, still got about 200 meters to the green. There were ppl on the green, I asked an Uncle (who was in the same group with me), can i hit the shot? He said....for u, better don;t. Ok, i took his advice. After the green was clear, i hit the went straight and landed on the green (where the players were before). I said wow....that was my first time using a 3 wood and hit so far.

Thankfully did not spoil that hole, got a par for it...:) hehe...only one hole that i play like Tiger Woods la..hehe. The rest is rojak.

After finished my round, had shower..waited for the championship group to come back. Only 3 something baru we get to eat. For me i shot a 48-50, handicap score 78. Not bad for me...cause the last competition i shot a 112.

All in one accept for the long wait and 2 bad holes...i think i did alright..:) And of course my brother played better...he scored 48-47, handicap score 75. Had he played better, could have won something...i think he missed by 3 strokes. Never mind, at least it will keep his hunger for getting better there...which is a good thing. Hopefully next July he will get to play in World Junior Championship in San Diego.

As for me, as long as i can lower my handicap...i be happy..:)


Daphne Ling said...

Hi NightWing,

Aiya, first football, now golf! Goner lar me...I know nuts about both *BooHoo*...

J.T. said...

Golf - I know very little of it, which is not excusable since I grew up around and mingled with people who love golf.

I think my late dad's handicap was 18. I am not sure if he improved on it but he did win one tournament in the 70s. I believe it was among the golf club members in KB, Kelantan.

Wishing you all the best with your golf games and lowering your handicap. :)

Nightwing said...

Hi Daphne... worries, just the timing..mentioned about sports when u visited..:)

But thanks for coming in...:)

Nightwing said...

Helo JT,

Thanks for the encouragement, will try to do my best...:)

I am sure it must have been the highlight for your dad in winning the competition.

Sometimes it is not about the game, its about the people who play together thats make it fun and interesting.

Cat Cat said...

Wow nightwing, 78 not bad at all... Handicap 20 is AWESOME. Don't think my hubby can play as good as you... His best shot is in the 90s..

Nightwing said...

Hi Cat,

I am not too sure. I am sure ur hubby can play better, if he is a long hitter and good in short game.

Consistency is the key. One hole can play well but next hole can easily blow it.

I think for ur hubby playing here will be the weather. Same goes for will be cold for me if i play over at ur courses..:)

Bee Ean said...

Wow a Toyota Camry as the prize, so cool. Me always need 5-6 hit before scoring. It is just amazing people can do it in one time.

Nightwing said...

Hi Bee,

Ya...lucky guy. Probably can;t sleep at all...i think..:)

Ms eNVy said...

Golf ? .. nice .. my dad & bro play golf .. dad been trying to encourage me to play it , but never a fan .. so now he had his grandson & granddaughters & son in law playing the game .. and me left holding the golf bags! ehehhe .. Good Luck with your golf games :)

Nightwing said...

Hi Ms Envy,

Thanks for the support. u help to carry their bags?.

Its a good game thanks to Tiger Woods in making it popular and 'cool'.

Not an easy game to play but once in awhile when u hit a good shot, makes it worth while to come back another day to play again...:)