Monday, October 8, 2007

Interesting conversation...

Over the weekend, i was at the check out counter at the local bookstore (where i bought For one more day by Mitch Albom), i over heard this conversation (spoke in Mandarin) between a kid (around 6-8 years old) and an old lady (maybe grandma or grand aunty). The mother of the child was in front of me at the counter.

Old lady: Do you have money to buy that?
Child : Yes, i do.
Old lady: Where you get the money from?
Child : I have the money, my mother has the money. You Stupid.

At this point i stare at the kid. Lucky he did not saw my stare. How can this kid say such words. No respect for elders. And the mother who was in front of me did not rebuke him. I thought to myself, this kid must have learn from the other adults who talk this way to this old lady. Otherwise where would he learn to say such things?

Children learn from adults, good or bad. They still young and do not know what they say is right or wrong. And if what they say is wrong and no one rebuke them, then they think it is fine. Therefore please becareful of what we say or do in front of children.

Otherwise when they reached teenager stage, no chance of righting them or rebuking them anymore.


Anonymous said...

U knw wat? I thk its frm his upbringing..probably d whole family speaks like tat. Don u thk so?? ;p

Ian said...

That's typically of what I see nowadays too. The parents just pretend that it's as if nothing happened.

I recall one time at Sugarbun saw this kid just creaming her lungs out calling out for attention from her parents to look at her and her parents just didn't bother.

The screaming one for 10 long minutes before the kid eventually ran out of air or something (having consumed it all in her little enclosed area (a children's playhut).

I actually felt like going up to her and ask her to shut up.

Another example I saw was a kid at a supermarket also screaming, but with the father trying to pacify her gently. The mother was within reaching.

She kept screaming until the father couldn't stand it anymore so he gave her a light smack. At that point, the kid began crying out for her mother and you can see on the father's face a feeling of regret.

The mother came out with a very angry face, took the child from the father, looked at her husband angrily and walked away. Didn't even bother to teach or explain to the child what she did wrong.

Parents nowadays are spoiling their kids too much.

winniethepooh said...

yes, children do model other people esp their parents.

children are very smart, you just didnt know when and what they will pick up from you, isnt it? If the parents do not say 'correct' that kind of undesirable behavior, they'll tink its ok..if i say that i think when i'll hv been given 'char kuah teow' by my parents..

Puteri said...

Children use the word "stupid" with each other, and don't know when not to use it esp with adults. As adults we shd rebuke our children if they ever speak like that to an adult.

Teach our children to respect their elders, and teach them good manners.

The problem with a lot of kids these days, esp with parents who are so kiasu, the children themselves reflect that same arrogant attitude.

I have a friend who used to teach at Sri Mawar, and she has heard parents threaten teachers .. tell the teachers how easy it would be for them (the parents) to get some gangsters to rough them (the teachers) up. Can you believe that?!

salian said...

I had a similar experience once.

I had a passing conversation with a random lady and the boy she was with (he looked to be about 12 years old) turned to her and told her to get moving in a very rude, succinct way.

I asked if that was her son. She replied no. That's her tuition student that she brought out to go exercising with her.

I was even more shocked. I hear stories all the time of the children not respecting their parents as they reach teenhood but most parents at least try to teach them to respect other people - or at least be nice to the person who is out with you for no other reason than to do a nice thing for you.

Nightwing said...

Helo Ladybird, i think u r right, thats what i thought..i mean the mom was just in front of me, if i can over heard the conversation, i am sure she can too. But no rebuke from her.

Ha..if u have seen the kids face...if that kid was related to me...habis liaw.

when my youngest bro was young (now also only 7)...grand mom and mom will not dare bring him out cause he will make a mess or take things (put into the basket).

When i am around, i just warn him..'u touch anything, make a mess, run around, u will kena, don;t care if people watch. You want something, not take.'

I never carried out the threat. No need to..:)

And i also warn him, even if i am not around and i hear u do all this, also u will kena.

So far so good.

Keep well now, ladybird.

Nightwing said...

HI Ian, agree with u, i also seen it many times. And a few times my stare manage to shut them up.

Do not know what is the thinking of these parents.

Next time Ian, just do ur stare at the kid, i am sure they will keep quiet after that...

Nightwing said...

Hi there Winnie,

Ya, you are right about kids being smart. When my youngest bro was 2 (he is now 7). He saw my grand ma outside doing some gardening.

He decided to help. He went to the kitchen, push a chair to the sink, took a knife and walk to the front and pass the knife to my grandma, grandma nearly had a heart attack.

She said what would happend is he was hurt by the knife? ..from then on, everyone kept an eye on him. My other siblings never done that only this youngest one...:)

Nightwing said...

Hi there Puteri, like i mentioned to Ian, what the heck is parents thinking now adays?

If i or my bros kena punished by teachers, he will say 'u deserve it'. Unless it is like the teachers fault then he will defend.

But kids being kids sure got nakal once in a while.

Nightwing said...

Hi Salian,

Sad to say, that kid if he ever goes overseas and do not change the attitude, will sure kena one. (unless the parents very very rich, then he got money to solve problems).

But again it is the upbringing. Parents must right the wrong. And if children is wrong in school, don;t go gung ho and threathen the school.

Keep well now Salian.

lasapka said...

If my kid will says the same word to me. i will put on action to make her/him realise what is the meaning of "stupid" on themselves.

Nightwing said...

Helo lasapka, welcome and thanks for leaving a comment.

Agree with you. So that they will know and will not simply say things. What is acceptable and what is not.

You have a good week ahead now...cheers.

pat said...

haiya...children are so harsh takut my children might become like that...but I always teach them to be polite.

Nightwing said...

Helo Pat, if children are surrounded by positive things they will give out positive things. Even if they are among their peers/same age group.

As long as with in family they do not learn bad things or if acted bad and rebuke by family members...i think its ok. If the family do not rebuke them...the child will never know whether they are right or wrong.

I think your children will be fine...:) No worries.