Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Malaysian Author..

In June i wrote a book review on Mamasan.

It was written by Mr khoo Kheng Hor.

It was his second novel, his first novel was called Taikor. Before he venture into writing novels, he wrote about 26 books on management. He also co-wrote a book with Chief of CID Datuk Chistopher Wan, "Sun Tzu Art of War on Crime Prevention".

He is also a highly sought speaker on Sun Tzu Art of War.

I understand that there is a third novel coming out. Either end of this month or early Next month.

I will keep an eye out for it and will posted it here after i buy and read it...:)

He is a good writer. I have recommended his books to many people and all of them agree that he is a good writer. Even to a friend who never read books, once he read Mamasan, can;t let go of it.

I am sure the third book will be a blast.

P.s. Really hope Uncle Lee can also write a book too. Really love his stories.


ruby ahmad said...

Hey Nightwing,

I read your review on Mamasan. Wow! You're such a good writer. Well done.

I must say you post your blogs like lightning. terror lah!

Thanks for being first in today..ha ha. Great!

Nightwing said...

Hello Ruby,

Thank you for the kind words and for being the first to this post..hehe.

With regards to writing the review, got help from friends to proof-read and correct the mistakes. still learning how to do reviews.

But thanks again for coming in and read the review. If can, get the book too. You will enjoy it.


zach said...

Hi Nightwing,
Now I think I am returning my favor to you. I think you have found a specific to concentrate on. Book previews. Go on from here.

Lady Patsy said...

Hi Nightwing,

This maiden is venturing into unchartered territories for the first time and will need a while to find my way around.

Anyway thanks for dropping into my chambers and for the birthday greetings :-)

Puteri said...

Wah, your review got publised in the Star! Terer leh. :-)

Haven't read many books by Malaysian authors. My most recent one was Malaysia and the Club of Doom by Syed Akbar Ali.

Good job, Nightwing!

Nightwing said...

Hello Zach,

Thank you for the kind words. Yep, will do my best in the book review department. Thanks again.

Nightwing said...

Helo Lady Pat,

Thanks for popping in. hehe..feel free to venture around. Hope you had a good time on your birthday. Keep well now..Cheers.

Nightwing said...

Hello Puteri,

Thanks for the kind words and encouragement.

Got help from friends who suggested that i gave it a go and they helped in proof reading and editing. hehe...a big thank you to them too.