Monday, November 5, 2007

Another Victim...


Even at home, also not safe. Who ever did this, i hope will get balasan or karma.

Tragic news for housewife who went to work

GOMBAK: The mother had only started working about a month ago after years as a housewife. They had been looking for someone to look after their older daughter.

Their only son was away at a boarding school and their younger daughter was at the baby-sitter's place. Nine-year-old Preeshena Varshiny was home alone.

On Thursday, the family paid a heavy price for leaving her alone without a minder.

The little girl was raped, sodomised and murdered before being pushed off the balcony at the posh Casa Mila Tower condominium in Selayang.

Police believe someone with access to the condominium could have been responsible for the vicious crime.

The condominium is a gated community and anyone who wants to access the premise must first report to the guardhouse.

“We are investigating this,” Gombak OCPD Asst Comm Mohd Abdullah said, adding that police also believed somebody at the condominium could have seen the girl being lured out from her unit.

Those with information can call Gombak district police headquarters at 03-6138 5222 or the Rakan COP hotline at 03-2115 9999 or send an SMS to 32728, or log on to

He said initial police investigation has ruled out robbery or break-in as a motive.

The source also said police have found a piece of paper with Preeshena’s home telephone number in a vacant unit on the second floor of the same block where she lived.

Police believe Preeshena put up a struggle before she was pushed off the balcony. A window of the unit was found ajar when police inspected it.

Initially, police had thought Preeshena had slipped and fallen to her death.

However, when post mortem results revealed that the SRK St Mary’s pupil, who suffered a broken right arm and multiple bruises on her chest, back and private parts, was raped and sodomised, police reclassified the case as murder.

The victim’s father, who declined to be named, said he believed the person responsible for the killing had monitored the family’s movement.

The father, a marketing and technical manager, said they rarely heard any crime committed at their condominium since they moved in there two-and-a-half years ago.

The 40-year-old said that Preeshena had called him on Wednesday and informed him that someone had knocked on their front door loudly. The father told her not to open the door.

On Thursday, Preeshena was found sprawled on the ground floor by a security guard. She was clad in a blue T-shirt and shorts. The keys to her condominium unit were found nearby her body.


Daphne Ling said...

Hi NightWing,

Despicable these monsters...

To think that when I was young (about 11-12 years), my bus use to drop me at the corner of the road, and I used to walk to my home, let myself in and lock up after myself...

My parents would come home about half and hour or so after me, and they would usually call up to check I'm home safe...

But to think anything could have happened from the bus to the gate, and from gate to the door...I really shudder to think how the world has now changed so much...

I shudder also to think how vulnerable my situation could have been...

Cat Cat said...

This is just soooo sad. This kind of crime happen alot lately in Malaysia. What is going on..????

Nightwing said...

Helo Daphne,

Yeah....wonder how any one could do such a thing. not think it will be best ...for young children...whether boy or girl to walk home or go any where alone.

Streets not safe anymore.

When i walked around shopping places, if notice kids around...i am on alert mode..making sure that they are not alone in the shops.

Nightwing said...

Hi Cat,

I do not know what is going on with people nowadays.

I am sure it is the same (crime) all over the world ..But lately its like most victims are young children.

Children whose lives are just starting to grow...Really pity the family that goes through it.

Another news over the weekend, one mother and daughter got burnt alive in their car.

Anonymous said...

i honestly cannot comprehend how beyond sick and this people can get nowadays. It's just getting worst. We thought Nurin case was bad but it seems beastiality like this against children occurs again. It's not safe anymore for anyone. It's sad & heartbreaking to see how broken the morality of our society has become.


Nightwing said...

Hi Bigtee,

Can;t agree with you more. These buggers must be brought to justice.

Safety of the children is the most important matters of up. I sincerely hope the government is on to this.

Some thing must be done.

Puteri said...

Evil monsters! Seems like children are the targets! What is going on in Malaysia? Even a gated community is not safe!

Nightwing said...
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= FLoReNcE = said...

OMG...this's so sad!!! ARgh!!!!