Monday, November 12, 2007

Cousin's Wedding...

Yesterday was my cousin's wedding...11.11.07. I think it is a good day cause all the major hotels full with wedding dinners.

I was the driver for my cousin. Reach his place around 7am. Left for the bride's place around 7.40am...reached her place at 8.00am on the dot. The bride's friends prevented him to see the bride and had him do some tasks before entering. So my cousin and his friend (guys) tried to solved the problems. If he can;t solve it have to give red packet (either way he had to give).

1) Get newspaper cutting to create words to indicate his love to the wife. Have to find word by word (Chinese Newspaper), to create "i love (bride's name)..for ever and ever." That took about 10-15 mins.

2) Play sudoku game. Another 10 mins.

3) Solving that..they passed him a bunch of keys to open the padlock of the door (grilled).

4) Onced enter, he had to guess which room the bride is in. He made the lucky guess in first try.

5) Then had to find the bride's shoes (1 side)...clue: its in the house. Again he was lucky he noticed it.

After that, pay respect to the grandparents of the bride.

Eat traditional noodle (foo chow mee sua).

Left the bride's place at around 9am....we have to reach the groom's place by 10am. Reached the place at 9:30am..traffic jam.

Once reached there...tea ceremony was performed...from the eldest aunties and uncles to eldest of the cousins. hehe...i was the last cousin that they need to toast the tea to. Of course we the older ones have to give red packet to them. After my turn, it was the young nephew and nieces to give toast to the newly weds...and the kids get red packet in return...:)

After the whole thing, went back to the bride's place for lunch. After that sent them home for a rest, then sent them to the hotel to check in (complimentary stay cause the wedding reception was held at the same hotel), send the groom to do his hair. I only reached home and rest around 3pm. But my driving work was done.

Picked my GF at 5:30pm, reached the hotel around 5:50pm. Reached the dinning hall, the bride's family already there, waiting to received guests. About 600 guests attended.

By 7.30pm, dinner starts. There were karaoke session and a recital by Chinese group playing traditional chinese music instruments. The MC for the night was from KL, a guy who has done commercials with Milo, Tiger, Carlsberg and etc. He was good. Have attended many wedding dinners (sometimes represent my dad), he is the best MC by far.

Suddenly, the MC announced that the groom's Cousin will sing a song. Every one wondering who..hehe including me..then baru mention my name. And the song chosen was Tragedy by Bee Gees....hehe.

The MC asked can u sing this song? I said i give it a try...If someone asked me to go up the stage to perform to about 600 people including some YB's...i will probably have said no. But this one is for my aunty and cousin..Thank God i pull it off...although my hand was cold...:) (Lucky also got support from couple of friends from same table, including my GF...:)

After singing it, the MC said..after u sing, no one will dare come already....should have let u sing the last...:)

After that some drinking and etc..reached home about 12am. Once i have pictures...will post it up.


Bento Pet said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! So many hidden skills ah. Tragedy by Bee Gees also not that easy to sing and you can pull it off. Three cheers for you!!

Nightwing said...
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Nightwing said...

Helo Bento,

Thank you for the kind words.

hehe...i love to sing...Ya, not easy to sing the song...had to learn many times..only then can pull off the voice.

I have to thank God too...cause it is one his gift.

winniethepooh said...

seems like lots of fun! :) and ahem ahem..a 'malaysia idol' in the making huh ;P hehehe

*claps claps claps* :)

Nightwing said...

Helo Winnie,

hehe..thank you for the shout out.

Just sing for fun...:)

Puteri said...

Tragedy! Tragedy! Wah, boleh tahan you can sing Tragedy!! I thought the usual Bee Gees song is I started a joke that sort of songs!

Nightwing said...

Hi Puteri,

Ya, Tragedy is also one of their songs...i forgot when i learn to sing it...but practise a few times...air not enough when sing this song..:)

Now trying to practise 'Staying Alive'..:)

Anonymous said...

I'm yet 2 b entertain by d hidden talent singer mmuuehehehe...;p

Nightwing said...

Howdy Ladybird,

haha...there will be chances..:)