Thursday, November 8, 2007


Recently have received calls about offer this and offer that. I wonder where the heck they get my number from. Always wanted to ask but forgot..cause most time when they called..i was driving. Next time when i received another type of this call must ask them.

The latest one was last week. Sunway hotel thingy. Called me (1st time, Johor number), and said i have got a 'free' voucher to stay at any hotel in KL, Johor, Kuching...etc. All have to do is say yes and i will received the name of the telemarketer's name and present it at one of their road show in Miri last weekend.

I said no thank you..she asked why..its free..only have to listen to my people talking to you for about 45 minutes...Again i said no thank you. Mana ada free lunch in this world.

That was on Friday morning...on Saturday morning...another call came..this time from KL...same company..i told him, no thank you, your collegue called already and i have decline. Again he said...its free...why you don;t want? Told him not interested.

Have you ever received this kind of calls?


Pi Bani said...

Oh yes, many times. Cannot say busy, because then they'll ask what time they can call back...

But tell them direct, not interested... they don't seem to want to understand... sigh!

Anonymous said...

Hello Nightwing, re how they get your number? Probably from your Platinum credit cards you signed buying your YSL shirts, or Gilberto shoes.
Next time the moment you know its one of them, you quickly tell them about eg, Maxwell house rich blend coffee, how good it is, only cost $2 US...try sell them something. Bet they'll say, "huh"?
Or answer in an Iban or Orang Ulu or Sarawak accent Malay. They'll think they got a monk in Tibet.

Nightwing said...

Helo Kak Pi,

Ya..some times they just do not understand :)

Nightwing said...

Hello SL,

Thank you for visiting my crib... i wish i got platinum card...:)

Ya...i think next time they call, i sell them back something..hehe provided when they call i am not driving..

winniethepooh said...

yeah i used to, then i just say, no thank you..well what to do, they are just doing their job too right...but if received 2nd time from the same company, i just tell them nicely, please take me off ur list and pls dont call again.

me oso got limit to my patience right? hehehe

Rita Ho said...

Nightwing ... you can also ask them to remove your number from their calling list. I'm not sure if it is enforced in Malaysia yet but here telemarketers must accommodate or they will be charged with harassment. One of the few welcomed benefits of living in the land of lawyers. :)

Nightwing said...

Helo Winnie,

Ya..will try to use ur line.:)



Thanks for the tip..not sure if Malaysia have this kind of ruling..:)

Ya, living there sure got learn a thing or two abt the rules...:)