Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Warning to Ladies....

Watch out for this possibility, ladies, when going to the ladies toilet in
any shopping mall in Malaysia or any where.

Just received this latest theft technique used by robbers. It seems
feasible so take heed.
Warning for all the ladies out there; and men please inform your
significant other. (And, hey, it could happen to the guys!)

The Latest Scam: Robbing Females using the restroom/"ladies"/bathroom at
a Shopping Mall... ...

The way the scam works is, a man slips into a women's rest room and sneaks
into a unit. He waits until there is only one woman in the restroom in a
neighboring unit/stall. The criminal then stands on the toilet seat and
points a hand gun into the next unit/stall, demanding the woman's

After getting her cash and jewellery, he demands that she > remove all
of her clothing and kick them out of the unit/stall. The thief tosses
the clothing into a shopping bag, hangs an "out of order sign" on the
restroom door outside, and slips back into the mall. The "out of order
sign" ensures no one will soon come to the woman's rescue. It usually
takes an hour or two for the woman to work up the nerve to leave the
rest room in the nude, giving the criminal ample time to make his get
The woman is left naked humiliated in a mall full of strangers.

The best defense, say police, is to never go into a shopping mall
restroom alone, as only women who are by themselves are targeted. PLEASE
FORWARD THIS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW. This has so far been a nearly perfect
crime, as none of the perpetrators have been caught. Don't let this
happen to another woman.


J.T. said...

This is just too scary to think about. I cannot count the number of times I have gone to the Ladies alone.

Sometimes it cannot be helped with most women because they shop alone or if they are with friends, not all are interested in stepping into a wet area if they don't have to.

A good warning, though. This post will bring some awareness and hopefully put women on guard.

Nightwing said...

Hi JT,

Ya, it is indeed scary. One just have to be alert and on guard cause u never know...a lot of sickos out there.

Take care now.

Cat Cat said...

It sounds like it's not safe at all to live in Malaysia... Crimes is everywhere and happened to anyone, old and young ones... So scary!

Nightwing said...

Hi Cat,

Sigh...it may seem that way...one just have to becareful.

U take care now.

Sweetiepie said...

So dangerous!Thanks sharing this.I am going to tell my mum and sis to beware of this robbery technique.

Nightwing said...

Helo Sweetiepie,

Ya, please do tell them. And ask them to warn others.

One just need to be aware and on the alert.