Saturday, January 19, 2008

Love Song Tag...

I got this tag from Jeanne


Please write your favorite love song, and what's the story behind it?

Please include your name and your URL blog.

Share this tag to your friends as much as you can.Don't forget to include the answer of the person that gave you this tag before your answer.

My favorite song is "Endless Love". Because I sang this song as a surprise for my love on our engagement party. - Nyumix

I love almost everything relates love songs. If I can well remember, my favourite songs was "Falling In Love" from Tommy Page. This song just make me remember to the past time when I was look-up to my true love and also make me remember on my first love that quite rebates was hahaha....

Other song that sits in my thought was "Don't Say You love me" of M2M. On that time when the song popular was, I was on the boy that now my hubby is, better learn to know. -Jeanne

Love songs...hmmm too many of them i like (check the songs i like to sing during K time...:))

But the song i would sing to my gf and future wife (during the reception) will be "Everyday i love you - by Boyzone"....hehe...i guess the title of the song is self explanatory...:)

Please feel free to do this tag....:)

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