Tuesday, January 1, 2008

SMS and a New Year morning news...

Hello friends, received this msg from KL aunty...:)

First Buzz for 2008!

Have a happy start off, may you welcome 2008 with the gutso and exuberances
befitting all the wonderful things it will bring you!

Remember if God brings you to it, God will see you through it.

Happy New year once again..:)

On another note, this is what happend to me on New year morning.

A fren of mine had a bad start.

This morning (Malaysia-1.1.08), he and his family went to church around 7-8:30am. Their car (wife's car) was parked at a car park and the place was full.

Some one tried to break in to their Land Cruiser (Ninja King), the glass at the back seat did not broke into pieces but the crack was there...they tried to hot wire the car...was not successful because they have imoblizer....they left a wrench inside the car.

Think they ran out of time and left the car. Lucky the car was not stolen.

I was still asleep when i received the call, quickly went into town to meet them. Police came over with their CSI kit. Police station only 5 minutes walk away from the car park place.

After CSI did their thing, then went to make police report, then get a tow car to tow to the workshop.

Coincidencely 1 year ago, my friend lost his Pajero on the 28.12.06 at his office.

And today his wife's car nearly got stolen.

Broad day light....sigh.


smallee said...

wow..nowaday.. those ppl are very daring ya... in broad day light oso dare to make those attempt..lucky they did not make it la.. please try get your friend to install the best alarm he could get on his ninja king la.. try go mega sound ( in front of Imperial).. they are quite good in alarm system....

Anyway.. as for u.. wishing u a all the best in Year 2008...

Nightwing said...

Hi Smallee,

Ya, very daring. Thanks for the info...will let my friend know.

Thanks for the wishes too. U and ur family have a good year too.

U.Lee said...

Hi Nightwing, you better make sure your BMW M3 is locked and alarm on when leaving it anywhere.
You know, here our cops try a few tricks, they purposely put a popular car at a place where cars often get stolen...with hidden microphones and special engine imobiliser, as well programmed door locks.
You should see the number of surprised crooks, stealing a BMW or Mercedes and cops following behind in an unmarked car taping their laughter etc, then once the road is clear, the cops kill the stolen car engine, and lock the doors. The crooks caught red handed plus with their confessions on tape.
Now crooks think twice about stealing a car. Ha ha.
Luckily my Lincoln is not a popular car to crooks, as too big! They die on gas alone, ha ha.
Have a nice day, UL.

winniethepooh said...

its most unfortunate but most important thing is they are all safe..

Happy New year Nightwing!

Nightwing said...

Helo Uncle Lee,

hehe...thanks for the tip...wonder if Malaysian police will do so....its a good idea though.

Thanks for dropping by, hope u are feeling better now.

Nightwing said...

Hi Winnie,

Ya, at least the car still there and they are safe.

Happy New Year to u and your love ones...:)

= FLoReNcE = said...

Oppss...what's a scary case. But, the most important thing is they are all safe. ^_^

No matter how, I just wanna wish u "HAPPY NEW YEAR"!!!

Nightwing said...

Hi Florence,

Thanks for dropping by...Happy New year to you too..:)

Akmal said...

Hi there, how are you?
Very unfortunate to the couple. The crooks were still on the loose, I supposed?
I like the idea of letting 'umpan' out there to catch the big 'beruang'. Well, if they are caught red handed, I would love to see the face ngehehehe. Must be bloody red, i suppose. Well you see, stealing a car is very easy. Even I (theoretically) know how to open the door wthout the key (not applicable to hot cars, but local ones like Wira or Saga or Waja are very succeptible). Nope, not gonna share the 'how'. Hahaha.
Well, you have a good year ahead NW. Best regards.

Nightwing said...

Hi Akmal,

Thanks for dropping by...wah u know a bit of 'trade secret' ha..:)

Ya, i think the police should try this trick...bait thingy..hehe.

U have a good year too bro...take care now.

Ms eNVy said...

Wow ppl are really daring nowadays .. over here the police do use a 'bait car' to catch car thief :) so far it is a good thing .. wonder if they've started such program over there ? ..

btw Happy New Year to you :)

Nightwing said...

Hi Ms Envy,

Happy New Year to you too!!!

Ya, very daring....which is why i think the police should do something about...by using the bait thingy.

hazlindakim said...

Hi nightwing.

To start of, HAPPY 2008!

Thanks for dropping by my place.

It is a scary scary place we live in these days. Crooks are getting really desperate and in desperation they are very ruthless and daring. We need to be extra cautious now.

Take care.

Puteri said...

Happy New Year!

Good thing the thieves were not able to steal the car! This stealing of luxury cars in Miri is really getting out of hand! Grr!

Nightwing said...

Hi Hazlindakim,

Happy New Year to you too...:)

Welcome to my crib..:)

Ya, very daring nowaday...:(

U take care now.

Nightwing said...

Hi Puteri,

Ya, when doing the police report, guy next to my friend, also same thing...his car was wira...but lucky tidak sempat to steal it.