Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Testing--How deep is your love..

First time doing this and i hope it is ok. A bit shaky cause holding the camera...:)
This clip was in my PC, so gave it ago. Amature only so...hope u all don;t mind.


Puteri said...

Great job!! More, more!! :-)

Nightwing said...

Wah Puteri, you r the first one in...:)

Thank you..will see what the majority thinks...:)

Cat Cat said...

WOW wing.. Ada talent ya... Very good... Love your voice... So, when to sign contract with EMI?

Eh, serious lah.. I like you voice.

Nightwing said...

Helo Cat,

Thank you for the kind words...:)

Much appreciate it.

Hope ppl don;t mind me posting it..;)

hazlindakim said...

Hello Nightwing,
From your voice I can kind of guess what race you are. *wink*
But your voice soft la. Project louder. :)
I can't believe you can reach those high notes. Good job indeed.

Nightwing said...

Hi Hazlindakim,

Thank you for the kind words and will try project my voice louder the next time round (depends on what ppl think of the this one first).

Oh ya...now i remember why i did not project louder...dad was outside the sitting room watching tv...:)

Thanks again for the tip.

Akmal said...

Hey bro, it was you on the radio last night man? Yes?
Man, that song! And you!
Hey when you are popular later don't you dare to give me "Do I know you?" crap! Hehe.
Keep it up man.

Nightwing said...

Hi Akmal,

Haha..ya rite me on radio...u kidder you..:)

Thanks for the support mate..:)

U also don;t forget me when u take on the fortune 500 companies..:)

Ms eNVy said...

*encore* *encore* tht is so great, love your voice! you sure got talent :)Keep up the good work!

I'll be able to tell ppl 'hey I 'know' him when he was somebody!' so when you become 'somebody FAMOUS' don't forget me ;)

Rita Ho said...

That is awesome, Nightwing! A Bee Gees song, so not an easy song to sing solo but you carried it really well. Bravo!

You do have great vocals. Time to consider changing career, leh ...

Nightwing said...

Hi Ms Envy,

Hehe Thanks for the support..:)

Don;t worry, i will always remember my friends...:)

Nightwing said...

Hi Rita,

Thank you for the encouraging words...:)

Don;t know abt the day job thing...:) But thanks for the suggestion...:)

Sweetiepie said...

Is that your voice?hey!you have a nice voice dude!I can't believe you could sing that well.I hope to see you in your next MV ..LOL

Nightwing said...

Hi Sweetiepie,

Thank you for the kind words..:)

Ya, it is my voice...Rita in her previous post comment mentioned abt wanting to hear...so i gave it ago...:)

Hehe..but i not use to listen to my own voice..so have to let others to judge..:)

Hazel said...

nice hah

Nightwing said...

Hi Hazel,

Thanks for dropping by.:)

ZACH said...

there is always a first time. Without the first time nothing will start.

Nightwing said...

Hi Zach,

Ya...agree with you..:)

= FLoReNcE = said...

Yeap!! A very soft and comfortable voice. Good job!!! Try some more songs ya!!! ^_^

Nightwing said...

Hi Florence,

Thanks for dropping...:)

Hehe...will try to do so. But hopefully...next one will be less shaky.

nyonyapenang said...

Hey, that's not an easy song to sing but that was good attempt. Ya, project your voice louder and I think it would come out real good.

Nightwing said...

Hi Nyonya,

Thank you for the tip. Will try to do so in the next one...:)

J.T. said...

Good job, Nightwing! The Gibb brothers had a unique way of singing and you managed to deliver it.

What are your favourite songs at the karaoke? I miss hanging out with friends and belting out songs all night. Maybe I should look into getting my own karaoke machine at home and I can sing till my heart's content. :)

Nightwing said...

Hi JT,

Thank you for dropping by and for the kind words.

Ya, i think u should buy the machine and sing ur heart out and then post a clip too..:) I am sure Rita and the rest of the regulars will love to hear you sing...:)

As for my favourite K songs...hehe..already posted that one, will pass u the link..:)

Rita Ho said...

You said it for me, Nightwing. I really do enjoy hearing talented folks like you and now Jacqui (yay!) sing. I like to sing too but unfortunately don't have the voice. It is so bad that one friend actually pay me not to sing when we go for karaoke sessions. :('

looking forward to your next clip.

Nightwing said...

Hi Rita,

Thanks for dropping by..will post one soon.

Still have not found that VCD.

But will up load one from Michael Learns to Rock.

I think ur fren pulling ur leg in 'paying u not to sing'.

Ur hubby ever hear u sing?

Jeanne said...

you have talents... :) Nice !

Nightwing said...

Hi Jeanne,

Thank you...:)

U have a great weekend now.

ruby ahmad said...

Hello Nightwing,

Wow! That's you singing eh? Lovely. I agree with Rita that this is a Bee Gees song, I would say you sang well for such a difficult song and that confirmed what Puteri once said that you could sing well. Well done! Bravo.

So have you done any public shows? Of course you can!

Thank you so much for alerting me on this.

Nightwing said...

Helo Kak Ruby,

Thank you for dropping by and the kind words...:)

Just a hobby of mine in singing. So far only perform once, last year at cousin's wedding, 'Tragedy'...hand was cold after singing it...:)

As for this clip, have to thank Rita, if she had not commented on wanting to hear how i sound, would not have posted it.

Syana said...

I like this song! You sang it well :o) Keep it coming, Nightwing :o)

Nightwing said...

Hi Syana,

Thank you for dropping by and the support...:)

Take care now..:)