Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This is madness....

I read the newspaper this morning and was shocked about an Austrian guy who 'imprisoned and fathered children' from his own daughter since 1984. I told my GF about it, she is also disgusted about the $#%$%^#% father.

From CNN.

'House of horror' children never saw daylight

AMSTETTEN, Austria (CNN) -- Three children freed from a cellar in which their mother had been imprisoned and raped by her own father for 24 years had never seen daylight, police in Austria have confirmed.

Police spokesman Franz Polzer told CNN that 73-year-old Josef Fritzl admitted holding his daughter, Elisabeth Fritzl, 42, hostage in the windowless cell and fathering seven children by her.

"The mother had memories [of the outside world] and got used to the situation," Polzer told a press conference Monday afternoon. "The others knew nothing else."

The main question reverberating from the small Austrian town: How could a man keep his daughter locked in his basement for 24 years, where she gave birth to seven of his children while her mother and three of those children lived upstairs without an inkling of the horrors in the cellar?

Fritzl explained Elisabeth's disappearance by saying she had run away from home, a story backed up by letters he forced Elisabeth to write, including one that begged her parents not to look for her.

Other letters made it seem the missing daughter had left the three children on the parents' doorstep -- when in fact they had been born in captivity in the family's basement.

Elisabeth told police that she and her three children Kerstin, 19; Stefan, 18; and Felix, 5, did not see the light of day during their entire time in captivity underneath the building in Amstetten, a rural town about 150 km (93 miles) west of Vienna.

Elisabeth is described as "very disturbed" and having trouble talking to police about her ordeal, reports CNN correspondent Fred Pleitgen. She went missing in 1984, when she was 18 years old, police have said.

More details also emerged at the news conference about the basement dungeon in which the daughter and her children were kept -- and how her father managed to keep them captive for more than two decades. See inside the cellar prison »

The authorities have revealed that the prison, constructed in the basement of the 1960s building, ran underneath both the building itself and the garden outside.

The entrance was via a small door, hidden behind cupboards in the basement, controlled by an electronic keyless-entry system. Polzer said that the prison was hard to find, even if someone was looking for it, and had been soundproofed.

"Even though they shouted and called they were not in a position to let anyone hear them," Polzer told the press conference.

Polzer said that Fritzl made clear to his wife and other children that the area was out of bounds and they were not to go into the basement. He bought food and took it to his captives in the evening. Watch a report on details of the case »

Detectives made the grim discovery about the cellar earlier this month after Kerstin was hospitalized in Amstetten after falling unconscious and taken to a hospital in Amstetten by her grandfather with a SOS note from her mother hidden on her.

A DNA test was later carried out which revealed her grandfather, Josef Fritzl, was also her father, according to ORF, Austria's state-run news agency.

That sparked a police investigation, which revealed that Fritzl fathered at least six children with his daughter, forcing her and three of the surviving children to live in the cellar of his house, according to ORF's Peter Schmitzberger.

On Sunday, police searched the hidden rooms where Fritzl admitted he kept his daughter and their children, including sleeping quarters, a kitchen and a bathroom, which Fritzl told police he built, Polzer said.

Amstetten police say they were put on Fritzl's trail following an anonymous tip off. They apprehended the pair on Saturday near the hospital and once police assured the daughter that she would never have contact with her father again, "she was able to tell the whole story," Schmitzberger said.

Elisabeth said her father began sexually abusing her at age 11. On August 8, 1984 -- weeks before she was reported missing -- her father enticed her into the basement, where he drugged her, put her in handcuffs and locked her in a room, she told police.

For the next 24 years, she was constantly raped by her father, resulting in the six surviving children, she said, according to the police statement.

She also told police she gave birth to twins in 1996, but one of the babies died a few days later as a result of neglect, and Fritzl removed the infant's body and burned it in an oven.

She told police that only her father supplied her and her children with food and clothing, and that she did not think his wife knew anything about their situation

Fritzl lived upstairs with his wife, Rosemarie, who police said had no idea about her husband's other family living in the cellar. The couple adopted three of the children that Fritzl had with his daughter, according to police. He told his wife that his missing daughter had dropped the unwanted children off at the house because she could not take care of them, police said.

When Kerstin fell ill, Fritzl apparently told his wife and the hospital that his "missing" daughter had dropped off the sick girl on his doorstep.

In an effort to find out about Kerstin's condition, the hospital and police asked the media to put out a bulletin requesting any information about the girl or her missing mother, attorney general Gerhard Sedlacek told NTV.

Sometime later, Fritzl brought Elisabeth out of the cellar, telling his wife that she had returned home with her two children after a 24-year absence, police said.

He took Elisabeth to the hospital to talk with doctors about Kerstin's condition, and at that point, authorities became aware of her situation, Sedlacek said.

CNN's Fred Pleitgen, Ben Brumfield and Nadine Schmidt contributed to this report

Copyright 2008 CNN. All rights reserved.

This is not what a father supposed to do to their own children. May this %#%#%# die a horrible death....if law of man can;t get him...may he be judge accordingly during judgement day.

To those of you who have children...please give them an extra hug and say you love them....cause the above news...should not have happend in this day and age.


Anonymous said...

Oh man....this is so sick, when i watched the news last night, i was so disgusted to the point i crinched! oh Dear God have mercy...


Monica said...

totally insane!!!

Cat Cat said...

This is the 2nd case I heard about crazy Austrian men... The 1st case was a man abducted a young little girl for over a decade and was found when she was 18 years old and he didn't want to be caught, killed himself by jumping off a train track.. Crazy people.

Nightwing said...

Hi Bigtee,

Thanks for dropping by.

Ya...he is a real sick ding dong.

Nightwing said...

Hi Monica,

Yep...words can;t discribe it.

Nightwing said...

Hi Cat,

Ya..read about that case too.

But this one really...he did it on his own daughter.

Will see how his life will end.

smallee said...

Walamak.. what kind of human being is him? Like this also can meh... aduh... he should be tears into pieces and burn..

Nightwing said...

Hi Smallee,

No word to describe this kind of thing. He is not even fit to be called an animal...give animals bad name.

Even animals takes care of their own family.

Yep...agree with u on tearing him to bits and pieces.

Salt & Turmeric said...

yup, read abt it and even discussed it w fellow poker players. tht guy and his wife both have to be put to death. its bs tht she didn know whts happening right under her nose!

Anonymous said...

During WWII, Amstetten had a horrific female concentration camp nearby. Unimaginable torture and depravity was inflicted on the female prisoners by the guards. Many of the Amstetten locals worked as guards. Fritzl was 10 years old when it was still running. Of course, the locals said nothing. No one stood up and said this is wrong. Many of the children of the camp guards still live in the town, but it is taboo to mention it. The entire Amstetten society psychology was forever wrecked by its complicity in the running of a German concentration camp. It’s easy to see how a young Fritzl monster was formed.

Women and children in Mauthausen-Gusen

Although the Mauthausen-Gusen camp complex was mostly a labour camp for men, a women's camp was opened in Mauthausen, in September of 1944, with the first transport of female prisoners from Auschwitz. Eventually, more women and children came to Mauthausen from Ravensbruck, Bergen Belsen, Gross Rosen, and Buchenwald. With them came some female guards. Twenty are known to have served in the Mauthausen camp, and sixty in the whole camp complex. Female guards also staffed the Mauthausen sub-camps at Hirtenberg, Lenzing (the main women's sub-camp in Austria), and St. Lambrecht. The Chief Overseers at Mauthausen were firstly Margarete Freinberger, and then Jane Bernigau. Of all the female Overseers who served in Mauthausen, almost all of them were recruited between September 1944, and November 1944, from Austrian cities and towns. In early April of 1945, at least 2,500 more female prisoners came from the female sub-camps at Amstetten, St. Lambrecht, Hirtenberg, and the Flossenbürg sub-camp at Freiberg. It is rumoured that Hildegard Lächert also served at Mauthausen.[32]

Common methods of extermination of prisoners, who were either sick, unfit for further labour or as a means of collective responsibility or after escape attempts included:

* Being beaten to death (by the SS and Kapos)
* Icy showers - some 3,000 inmates died of hypothermia - after having being forced to take an icy cold shower - and who were then left outside in cold weather.[43]
* Mass-shootings
* Medical experiments
o Aribert Heim, dubbed Doctor Death by the inmates, was there for seven weeks, which was enough to carry out his experiments[44]
o Another of the Nazi scientists to perform experiments on the inmates was Karl Gross, who purposely infected hundreds of prisoners with cholera and typhus in order to test his experimental vaccines on them. Between February 5, 1942, and mid-April of 1944, more than 1,500 prisoners were killed as a result of his experiments[45]
* Hanging
* Starvation
* Injections of phenol. (A group of 2,000 prisoners who applied to be transferred to the sanatorium were declared mentally sick and were killed by Dr. Ramsauer in the course of the H-13 action)[43]
* Drowning in large barrels of water (Gusen II)[46][47]
* Beating to death or starving to death in bunkers[48]
* Throwing the prisoners on the 380 volt electric barbed wire fence[48]
* Forcing prisoners outside the boundaries of the camp and then shooting them on the pretense (pretence) that they were attempting to escape[49]

Hazel said...

i also shocked when i know this, terrible ohh...anywhere,Happy Labour Day!

Nightwing said...

Hi Salt & Turmeric,

Ya...i mean since 1984...she must have thought of something...what is 'down there'...eventhough she is not allow go there.

Should have suspected something.

Her own daughter's life...wasted.

Nightwing said...

Hi Anon,

Thank you for the visit.

Thanks for the historical info.

Those years are really bad years in human history.

I don;t know...what ever he experience when he was young...should not have transfer to his own child.

He had a full life...what did his daughter have?

42 years old...have not seen sun light since 1984...so many lost years.

Nightwing said...

Hi Hazel,

Thanks for dropping by...Happy May day to you too...:)

Ya...indeed a sad case for the lady.

Hope she can live a good life from now on.

Pi Bani said...

Are you sure this guy is even human??!

Nightwing said...

Helo Kak Pi,

No words to describe this 'thing'.

sting said...

why did he do that? it's so sad that there are people who are so disturbed to even do this to their own flesh and blood..

Nightwing said...

Hi Sting,

Some one commented here that maybe it could be due to the events that happened when he was young during world war 2.

Ya...even if it was true..should not have transfer the past ordeal to his own daughter or any one else in that matter.

At the moment police there is trying to fit the puzzle on the 'how' and 'why' of this case.

How he manage to hide this since 1984. And why subject own daughter to this.

Ms eNVy said...

I've been following this news .. it is really sick and disgusting .. and it is disheartening tht one can never tell how a monster should look like anymore :(

Nightwing said...

Hi Ms Envy,

Thanks for dropping in.

Yep...agree with you. I hope you tell your children about this case...so that they be aware that there are people who would do such a thing.

Sad indeed...:(