Saturday, May 24, 2008 he stupid or what.. (if the case is true)

From Star...

Lets hope this is not sweep under the carpet (if the case is true).

Ministry waiting for Taiwan molest facts

PETALING JAYA: The Tourism Ministry is waiting for the case facts regarding a Malaysian tourism deputy director reportedly arrested for molesting a female shop assistant in Taiwan, before deciding on the next course of action.

“We cannot take action just based on media reports. If there is a case, we will refer it to the disciplinary board for further action,” Tourism Ministry director-general Datuk Mirza Mohammad Taiyab said yesterday.

“We are waiting for the facts of the case from his superior,” he added.

On Thursday, it was reported that Ahmad Junaidy Yahya, deputy director of the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board’s representative office in Taiwan, was detained on Tuesday evening for allegedly groping a woman’s back and private parts.

He was questioned by the police but released on Wednesday morning after apologising to the victim. But she reserved the right to press charges of sexual harassment.

“The disciplinary board will have to consider the gravity of the situation, but the maximum penalty is expulsion,” said Mirza, who earlier launched the Asia International Tourism Expo (AITE) 2008 at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) here.

On the three-day expo, Mirza said it was a good platform for smaller players in the travel industry to show what they had to offer, as “it is very expensive for small players to take part in big international fairs.”

He said that there were some 156 international buyers and 71 seller organisations at this “maiden expo.”

It is jointly organised by the Association of Tours and Travel Agents, the Bumiputra Tours and Travel Agents Association, the Malaysian Chinese Tourism Association and the Malaysian Indian Tourism Association, in close relationship with the Tourism Ministry and Tourism Malaysia.


sYaNa said...

the fact that the guy apologised shows that he is guilty! what the h*** was he thinking? that he could get away with it?!

good thing the lady is pressing chargers.

Nightwing said...

Hi Syana,

How are you? Thank you for dropping by. not know what he was thinking....really give Malaysia bad name.

Zawi said...

Some people have no respect for others at all. He will live to regret for his misdeeds. They will take action on him in due course. Let us see if Mirza will live up to his words. Yes you are right, the officer who is like a tourism ambassador to Taiwan is a disgrace and had put Malaysia in bad light. Let this be a lesson to the other officers located all over the world.

U.Lee said...

Hi Nightwing, could be she led him on? There's always two sides to a story...maybe knowing he a big shot, try get some money after 'it' happened.
But agree with you, somebody in his position representing a country should have known better.
Oh well, humans will always have weaknesses.
Stay easy Nightwing and have a great week, UL.

Nightwing said...

Helo Pak Zawi,

Ya, let it be a lesson to other officials.

Lets hope there is no repeat of such cases.

Thank you for dropping by.

Nightwing said...

Helo Uncle Lee,

You could be right about he being led on.

But as a representative of the country, he should have been careful and not be put in such situations.

Hope he has learn a lesson.

U take care now, have a great week ahead.

Yatie_T said...

Malaysia is getting famous now but for the wrong reason. What happen to manners? Why is it ok for some people to do things like this?

Monica said...

What a shame huh!!! I hope it'll not affect tourism ties between Taiwan and Malaysia..

Hazel said...

hoping the matter can be settle

Sue said...

Really disgusting? What bad image for Malaysia..

Salt & Turmeric said...

Haiya NW, ppl like this shud be punished and then asked to resigned. bodoh nak mampus kan?

Nightwing said...

Hi Yatie,

You are right in Malaysia getting famous for wrong reason.

Lets hope this does not happend again.

Nightwing said...

Hi Monica,

Me too...u know lah...good things/news does not travel fast but bad news...will spread like wild fire.

Nightwing said...

Helo Hazel,

Ya..if the guy is in the wrong, may he be punish accordingly.

Nightwing said...

Hi Sue,

Yeap...really bad PR.

Nightwing said...

Helo S&T,

Betul cakap kamu. Mungkin dia fikir, kat luar negara tak apa....what he did not realise is....he is representing the country abroad.

Sweet Jasmine said...

gBig shot or not..this act of sexual harrasment should be punished accordingly.
I have known some ladies who were sexually harassed in the line of duty and their cases were left at a dead end just becoz their bosses wants cover up for the good of the company's name and giving the reason that there is no proof in black and white.

Nightwing said...

Hi Sweet Jasmine,

Ya...really hope this does not sweep under the rug.

Sorry to hear about your lady friends who faced such a problem. May those ding dongs who did it, gets what is coming for them.

Thanks for dropping by.