Thursday, June 12, 2008


SMS from you know who....:) Due to recent bad news in the papers, hope this post will cheer you up. Enjoy...:)

What is the difference among girls aged 8,18,28,38,48,58,& 68?!

@8- you take her 2 bed & tell her story.

@18 - U tell her story 2 take her 2 bed.

@28 - U don't need 2 tell her story 2 take her 2 bed.

@38 - She tell U story & take U to bed.

@48 - U tell her story 2 avoid going 2 bed.

@58 - U stay in bed 2 avoid her story.

@68 - If U take her 2 bed, that'll be a STORY!!!


Monica said...

hahaha...interesting joke!

Daphne Ling said...

Haha, and Aunty strikes again...;)

U.Lee said...

Nightwing, that is hilarious! I can see you and whoever sent you that enjoy jokes...a day without laughter is a day lost. You keep well, Lee.

Nightwing said...

Hi Monica,

Yep...interesting one indeed. Wonder where she gets it from...:)

You have a good weekend now.

Nightwing said...

Hehe Daphne,

Ya...aunty strikes again...:)

Nightwing said...

Hello Uncle Lee,

hehe, this joke was sent by KL aunty...:)

She really have nice sms and this time round it is this joke...:)