Thursday, October 30, 2008

Snatch Thieves in SS 2 - New Method

Got this from a friend.

Dear All

We have been reading about snatch thieves incidents. I witnessed for myself today a new method adopted by them.
Please pass this on to friends -
Alert them of this NEW METHOD adopted by snatch thieves.

I was driving along SS2/22, Petaling Jaya going towards Damansara Jaya. This street is totally residential one street off the main road.

About 10 houses in front of me was this young lady walking by a car parked along the grass patch outside one of the terrace houses. As she was reaching the rear end of this clean decent looking Silver Proton Waja, I noticed the engine started and the left rear passenger doors window was being wound down.

Suddenly a man emerged out of the rear passenger doors window his entire torsol and making a grab of this lady's handbag!!!! As this man emerged from the car's window, the Silver Proton Waja was pulling out of its parking position slowly not in a hurry with the man from within just dragging the lady and her handbag along until she gave it up!! Then they drove off slowly, no hurry!!!

All the above happened in front of my eyes in less than 30 seconds!!!!!

Her screams and cries did not help! No one came to her rescue in fact a middle age woman ran into her house upon seeing this happening right in front of her house only to come back out to lock her gates after the car has driven away! Do you blame her? The thieves were so bold!!!!

By the time my car reached her, the Silver Proton Waja had turned the corner. She was very shaken but thankfully only slightly hurt her pants were torn as were her slippers, bloody knees, shins, palms and elbows. On the way to the police station, she told me that she had noticed that there were 3 men she identified them as 'brown-skinned' men in the car.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw what was happening thus did not have the instinct to take note of the cars registration number. I've always thought that would be the first thing I would look out in an incident like this but NO I was too shocked simply watching this scene being played out right in front of me!!!

So please beware when you are walking by parked cars with men inside.

Pass this on to as many friends as you can to alert them.


Gallivanter said...


It's not a new method. There are many ways to hoodwink a person if they are not alert. The main thing is to ALWAYS BE ALERT.

My hatred for SS2 rages on!

Nightwing said...

Hi there Gallivanter,

U r must always be alert.

I know it is easier said then done....when our mind is thinking of something...sure got lapse of concentration.

Any way...must try to be alert always.

Monica said...

omg! so scary!!!

Nightwing said...

Hi Monica,

Ya...sure is. One just have to be careful and alert at all times.