Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Email from a friend....take special care and if this can happened in Cherasit can happened anywhere in Malaysia...so please read.

Hi all,This incident happened to me and be very careful if you ever encounter suchcase in future.On Thur 5 Feb, I was driving home after work in the afternoon. quite anumber of cars on the road. I was driving near the UE3, Taman Miharja,

Cheras when 2 Indian guys on a motorbike honked me and pointed to the passenger-side wheel. I slowed down, not stopping but they kept honkingand pointing to the wheel. Finally, I stopped at the side of the road in front of the UE3 complex. The 2 guys stopped and came down from theirbike. One has the "BMW" name and logo on his blue shirt. While theotherguy squatted in fron of the passenger-side wheel (I cant see him), the

"BMW" guy came to the passenger side. My car is always locked when Idriveand I lowered the passenger=side window about 2 inch to talk with him.Speaking in Malay, he told me my wheel has smoke and oil. I hesitated evaluating the situation, and he then bend down at the wheel and came upshowing me his finger with some oil on it. He said my brake oil is leakingand cannot drive and ask me to go down out to see the wheel. Pointing to

Taman Pertama which is just nearby, I told him I stay there and will go tomy mechanic there for check-up. He kept insisting I dont drive as my brakesare not working and can get an accident. He kept asking me to go down and look at the wheel. I said no and I drove off. Giving this "GoodSamaritan"the benefit of the doubt, I drove home very slowly in case I really cannotbrake the car. 10 min later I arrived at my mechanic shop which is quite near to my house. I ask the mechanic if there is any oil in the wheel, hetouched it and said yes and possible brake oil is leaking. He took it intothe workshop and took out the wheel. Lo and behold, there was no leak, all dry.

There was some oil at the brake pd and at the back of the tyre. Hetook out the driver-side tyre and it was dry too. He told me the onlypossible answer was that someone must have poured oil into my wheel. He washed the tyres and cleaned up the oil and then I went off.I didnt tell the mechanic what had happened earlier but putting 2 and 2together, I think I know what happened.The 2 Indian guys stopped me. While one was talking with me, the other guy

squatting at the wheel must have poured some oil into my wheel, making methink my car's brake oil was leaking and in panic, I might go down andcheck (that's why he kept asking me to go down and see). If I go out of the car to see, the following things can happen:-1. one guy will drive off with my car (hoping in panic I'll leave the carkeys in the car) while the other will ride off in his motorbike.2. they will threaten and rob me (with or without injury)

3. they will say they can repair my car very fast with no hassle andcharge me a bomb.Looking at the crime situation in KL these days, I think either one of thefirst 2 possibilities will happen. Thank God, I was alert and didnt panic.

So for you drivers in KL, please be careful and be alert at all times whiledriving. Dont be so gullible and take all "Good Samaritan" word astrue.If it happens drive to the nearest police station or mechanic workshop.

The worst thing that can happen is to buy 2 brand new tyres (if tyres arekaput) or pay to repair for the damage done to the car. Cheaper than yourlife or your car.So drive carefully. Cheers.Dear Friends - In short don't STOP and proceed to drive home or to the police station. There are no more "Good Samaritan" around (all deadby now)....but thieves and robbers ONLY after your money and life.


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Nightwing, there's always crooks like this try something new.

I never stop nor let anyone touch my car....except my mechanics.

Ya, have to be aware and never trusts strangers.
You keep well Nightwing.
How's the Mrs? Best regards, Lee.

Monica said...

Hello Nightwing! Oh my... This is disturbing! malaysia memang boleh :-D

Nightwing said...

Helo Uncle Lee,

Ya...better don;t stop for anything when inside the car.

Mrs is fine..:) Thank you for asking..:)

Nightwing said...

Hi Monica,

Disturbing indeed...have to be alert at all times.

Monica said...

Nightwing, you've been tagged here - http://turn-u-off.blogspot.com/2009/03/first-letter-of-my-name-tag.html :-D

Nightwing said...

Hi Monica,

Thanks for the tag...cheers.