Monday, May 25, 2009


This stray dog and her puppy roamed around my neighbourhood.

For 2 years, i was not a fan of this dog, because she simply growl at people. I think at the time she just gave birth and might be protective of her pups. Have to admit though, some of her puppies are quite cute. They were taken away from her because she gave birth at one of my neighbours house. Do not know how they manage to take the pups cause she very aggressive type. The puppy in this picture is from 'recent' batch.

Only for the past few months, she seem to be ok with me and we (me and my wife) started to gave her things to eat. Cause she takes care of the neighbourhood. She will bark at strangers, so at night a very good watch dog.

She got a very good ear. She can be quite far away and yet when we open the house door, she will come right over to check whether we are giving food or not. Besides us, there is also another neighbour who gave her food.

Her puppy is a bit fearful of people, took her long time to get near us. Even now if we go closer to her, she will run away and bark at us. Initially i probably would not able to take the picture of the pup...cause she will hide away at the neighbours drain.

So what do we feed them? Initially just bread and water. Then one day my wife cooked some maggie mee (almost expiring)...doggie finished the mee fast..:) Bought some cheap biscuits to feed them too. When we eat any leftovers, will bring home for them too. She is more of a night time...sleeps. The photos i taken of them, evening time.

Usually feed them around 6pm. A few times we came home late and she will make a 'complaint' if telling us "why is our dinner so late?"...:) The sound is different from the normal dog sound..:)

At night, when i turned into my lorong, she seems to recognise my car and from far can see her wagging her tail and coming towards my car.

She understand simple command like 'wait' (she usually does this when waiting for her food)...and 'shake a leg'....i use my leg to shake her paw...haha. She will automatically use her left paw and after that her right paw. She seems to be a smart dog only bad thing is, she does not like to share food with her puppy. So we have to use to bowls.

My wife sometimes will give her massage..she loves it and will sit very still. Too bad her puppy still afraid of us..otherwise will 'manja' her too..:)

Oh ya...she has eaten cheesecake, strawberry toast, chocolate cookies, pancakes (almost expire), hot dogs with mee and because of this...sometimes she will eat slow...if we give her biscults to eat. Good food, she will finish under 2 minutes.

One thing about the puppy, her tail i think is quite long, she will sometimes chase its tail..running round and round and seems irritated about it.

Hehe...that is all for now.

Her 'waiting' position for food. See the puppy moving...still afraid of us.

Puppy...when she was young...more chubby and a bit slim.

Her makan 'station'. She drinks a lot.

Checking out what her mom is doing.


Akmal said...

So clever and comel dogs :D

Nightwing said...

Hi Bro Akmal,

Thanks for dropping by...ya...they quite cute..:)

You have a great week ahead now...cheers.

Cat Cat said...

Dogs are good. Chase away strangers and robbers at night. I won't want one though - lots of work and care involved (big headache when going on vacation - gotta find doggie hotel and so for).

Nightwing said...

Hi Cat,

Ya..owing own dog..big responsibility.

May be in future will get a Golden Retriver or toy poddle..:)

At the moment, try out doggie and puppy first..trial run...:)

Pi Bani said...

Wah, now you got free JAGA! This one definitely modern doggie - maggi mee? Strawberry toast? Cheesecake? Wei, you're spoiling her lah! Haha!

Nightwing said...

Helo Kak Pi,

Hehe...ya..think we spoil her a have to give them cookies for the next with rounds...:)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Nightwing, thats a beautiful posting. Yes, dogs learn very fast who are their friends.

We have a lady here, she keeps a wolf...yes, you read it right. Got it from a puppy.
And its HUGE! Bigger than a German Shepherd.
And she only takes it out twice day as people afraid of it even though its friendly.

But funny thing is, every dog seeing it will run away fast....I guess they know its not a dog, but a wolf.
I love Dobermans, had two before, one named Whisky, one Brandy, ha ha. No need to ask what drinks I love.

Have a nice day and watch your swing, Lee.

Nightwing said...

Helo Uncle Lee,

Wow...a wolf for pet. That is something. Ya..i think the other dogs can sense who is the 'tai kor' in the dog family..:)

Take care now...regards to Mrs Lee.

smallee said...

nightwing... good things u r doing there... keep it up.. and i believe very soon you will be able to go close to the puppy...

i love golden retriever too.. and hope i could get one too...hehe

Nightwing said...

Helo brother smallee,

Ya..they kinda cute.

Agree with Golden retriver dog...they are smart dogs.