Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My name is "Carlie"....

Hello...In December sis in law asked us to look after one of their puppies. She worry that the puppy would be bullied by the big dogs at home. Look after him for about a week. Her daughter name him 'Carly'. No idea why...:) When he came to us...only one month plus.

I never had pets before...my wife loves Golden Retriver...she likes dogs. She very comfortable with them...whereas i am not that keen or good in handling them. But slowly got use to it.

He is going to be living indoors ....did not want him to roam around outside. He seems to be very cautious about cleanliness.....do not simply do big and small business. One section of the house we put newspapers on the floor..and he will go and do it there.

We also let him go outside to do his business....after doing it...he automatically head straight back into the house.

He came to use at night, next day...i took him to a vet place to have a bath. Get rid of ticks. My wife bath him on the 4th day. By the 5th day...i was thinking of adopting him. When sis in law came back, i asked her to get permission from her daughter. She explain to her that 1) she won;t be able to care for him because she will be furthering her studies, and by letting him stay with us....he will have a very happy life.

Since he is now ours, can;t change his name but change the spelling...change to Carlie. Everyone who saw him says he is cute. Rubbish bin full, he don;t disturb, don;t simply bite things (except my wife's house slippers). I only let him eat puppy food. No human food for him.

He loves pink colour....i think cause when he was young, sis in law daughter always wear pink. At first he hate red colour...will bark at anything red...now he is fine. Loves to play with soft toys. He already have about 4. Loves to go for car rides. One time non stop for 2 hours.

Any idea on how to teach him to use leash? He hates it.

He is now 5 month plus...getting longer. Here are his young pictures.

"Oi please hurry with my food...am hungry already"

"Me and my soft toys. The small one has been with me since the first night i lived here. I have a giraffe, tiger, teddy, rabbit and a new ball".

"Wonder where did he go...is he getting food for me?"

"Oi...not ready lah....take again."

"Great stuffs...munch, munch, munch"

"What shall i do next?"

" Ah yes...pink colour slippers (slippers lasted about 4 months until he chews it all up)...so soft and delicious...wonder why it was thrown away. I love it"

"Wonder why so many people outside and i cannot meet them. What is CNY? I hope they go soon so i can go out. In the mean time i think i take a nap...heard rumours that these people don;t go home early. "


smallkucing said...

A confused puppy ya? hehehe

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Knightwing, your dog is real cute. I bet both of you have fun now.
I used to keep Dobermans, but more highly trained as guard dogs, and named them 'Whisky, Brandy', ha ha.
No need to ask why that name.

Lucky Strike too long, or Jack Daniels, ha ha. Lee.

Nightwing said...

Helo Uncle Lee,

Thanks for dropping by...:)

Ya...he is kinda cute...now learn new tricks...knocking on our room doors late at night...i think he slept already and want us to play with him.