Saturday, August 21, 2010

So sad 2...

Come this for real? Another case...and now in Kedah.

Can tell/scold/caned students off but don;t ever mention 'get out of country or go back to china' kind of statements.

Am sure parents do not mind if their children are told off if they did something wrong...but the moment those kind of statements are uttered...that is something else.

SUNGAI PETANI: The Kedah Education Department is organising a meeting between parents and authorities of a school here following complaints that the principal had scolded non-Malay students for eating outside the school canteen.

Its director Shahidan Abd Rahman said he had spoken to the school principal involved after learning about the incident on Thursday.

“We will call a meeting soon on the matter, involving him, the parent-teacher association and parents of the students concerned,” he said here yesterday.

In the incident, the principal had allegedly scolded 10 Form Three students for eating outside the school canteen at about 7am before classes began.

The students were eating outside because the lights in the canteen were not switched on.

The principal had purportedly told them off for “not respecting” their Muslim friends and that they “should return to their country of origin if they did not show such respect”.

Merbok MCA division secretary Chow Kok Leong, who received complaints from the parents, claimed that the principal also made similar remarks during the school’s morning assembly the next day.

He said there were about 80 non-Malay students at the school, which has an enrolment of 780.

“Such remarks should not be made as Malaysia is a multi-racial country and a principal is someone who holds an esteemed position in the community.

“I acted as mediator for the families and have lodged a report with the Deputy Education Minister (Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong),” he added.


Anonymous said...

Even non Muslims also know Islam. During Ramahdan, you shall face all temptations but you must resist in order not to sin. That is the teaching for the Muslims and not for the non Muslims. If they eat in front of them, they should resist by moving away or pray hard so that they are not tempted. If they are tempted, it is their own weakness for not being able to control themselves. Why should they blame the non Muslims ? It is stupid that the non Muslims should help the Muslims to fast. If being a principal cannot control the students, then may be she is not supposed to be a principal. She does not know how to be a good principal or she is like a communist leader and that is why the students don't want to cooperate with her. A principal is supposed to be experienced with all her skills of managing the students in the correct manner. Therefore whoever promoted her is dead wrong. See, she does not know how to be a principal.

cleffairy said...

With people like this, there will be no Bsangsa Malaysia, period.

Nightwing said...

Hello Anonymous,

Thank you for dropping by my crib.

Thank you for your input too.

For me, i try to 'treat others the way i want to be treated' when ever i do things or say things.

U have a great week ahead now..cheers.

Nightwing said...

Hi Cleffairy,

Sabah and Sarawak still alrite (touching wood)...

So many groups of people living there and i am sure the respect between one another is still strong over there.

Pray to God that politicians over there will not mess it up.