Monday, November 8, 2010

Tan Sri P Ramlee....

Watched History channel, story of the late Tan Sri P Ramlee. For those who do not know his story, can get it from youtube.

So sad his story...towards the end of his life. He died at age 44. So full of one has replace him since.

Borned in Penang, like to sing, someone saw a potential in him and ask him to go to Singapore, Shaw Brothers. He went with his friend...went for audition. Did not get it...but he stayed backed to work as a production crew member. He worked his way up.

When given a chance, he went for it...because famous not only in Singapore and Malaysia, but through out Asia. He came back to Malaysia...caused he wanted to help the production here...and he was promised the moon.

So he left Shaw Brothers and returned to Malaysia. Went reached KL...the studio was bad, cameras old, production crew...amature. Unlike the ones in Singapore. He was crushed. But he persevered. He make do with what he had. But Movies made and starred by him in Malaysia...went down hill. From rags to riches and back to rags.

When ever he met up old friends, he put up a brave if everything was ok. He got a close friend who wanted to help him out...but no banks was willing to finance his movies...he is what you call a 'has been'. From the golden boy in a has been in Malaysia.

One of his actress friend (she became famous while doing his film in Singapore), wanted him to direct her movie...he agree...things were looking up when suddenly he had a heart attack at age 44. But that time, he was so poor that his old faithful PA was worried about the funeral expenses and whether anyone would attend his funeral. His friend came through and gave P Ramlee's wife RM3000 for the expenses.

When word spread out...everyone was shocked...and many turned out at his funeral. Only then did the love for him came out...but before that...was only bad words in the press and so forth. Not many people went to his Malaysia made movies.

Tan Sri P Ramlee was Malaysia's version of Michael Jackson. Only in death did people realise what they loss.

As i watched the documentary, i was sad and angry....Had Malaysia press at that time treated him well...he could have made Malaysia cinema famous. He could have groom film directors and Malaysian actors and actress. i thought about it...he became famous outside Malaya/Malaysia...he decided to come back (beside the promises of the moon) to help Malaysia in film industry. I think i can safely say he was the first to return to Malaysia wanting to help the country out.

January 2011, government is doing something to get Malaysians outside the country to come back to help grow the country. Now...does Malaysia have the facilities?

I really hope those who come back will not get the treatment like Tan Sri P Ramlee experienced. Nowadays news spread very fast. Especially negative ones.

May Tan Sri P Ramlee rest in peace....he will never be forgotten.

Thank you to History channel for doing the documentary.

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cleffairy said...

I live in Setapak... there's Rumah Peringatan P. Ramlee over here... but I never had the urge to go in. After reading this... perhaps, I'd go and have a visit. Yes... he's a legend. Irreplaceable.