Saturday, July 28, 2007

Congratulations to Coach Rexy.

The Malaysian government gave coach Rexy and family PR status in Malaysia. It is recognition for his contribution to the Nations Badminton team. In the doubles department.

The Associated PressPublished: July 27, 2007

Indonesia's Rexy Mainaky wins recognition from Malaysian government

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: Rexy Mainaky, Indonesia's former top ranked doubles star, received permanent resident status from Malaysia's government Friday — a surprise gift for helping the nation's badminton players to international success.

Home Affairs Minister Radzi Sheikh Ahmad handed Mainaky a certification card confirming his permanent resident status as a tribute to his stewardship of Malaysia's doubles pairs to numerous international victories since he started coaching here two years ago, the national news agency Bernama reported.

Mainaky said the government's decision was a "surprise."

"I had at one stage denied Malaysia from winning the men's doubles title at the (1996 Atlanta) Olympics, but now my target is to ensure Malaysia wins the title," Bernama quoted Mainaky as saying.

Mainaky said he planned to help a Malaysian doubles pair win the BWF World Championships in Kuala Lumpur next month.

During his playing days with partner his Ricky Subagia, they won all the major tournaments in the world, including an Olympic Gold medal. May the young players learn as much from him as possible, be it on court or off court. He did not let success get into his head. On court he is playing all out some time to the point of being arrogant but off the court, he is a humble person and a man of faith (he is a Christian).

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