Sunday, July 29, 2007

Blood test results..

Just got my results. Eveything ok except my cholesterol. Total cholesterol went up from 227 to 256 (accepted level is <200), Triglycerides went up from 330 to 805 (accepted level is <150), my good cholesterol (HDL) went down from 42 - 37 (accepted level is >40), due to the high level of my triglycerides, they can;t calculate my bad cholesterol level.

My bro was surprise when he saw the 'Lipid' section, he asked me whether i know what lipid means...he said fats...then he said 'where is your fats?'. Yep i do not have any fats and yet my cholesterol is high.

Well, i have to take medication and retake the blood test again in 3 months time. And go vegetarian for awhile.

I have to take care of my health or it will take care of me.


Puteri said...

805? That sounds bad!

Reminds me that I should take my blood cholesterol test again. I have lots of blood test done but I don't any of the recent ones included blood cholesterol test.

You are right, we need to take care of our health or it will take care of us!

Nightwing said...

Ya, it is bad. Dad was worried and asked me to go vegetarian for awhile.

In the mean time i have to take medication to lower the cholesterol. End of October, take another test again to see if the medication work or not.

Anonymous said...

Dude i think u better skip your late nite suppers.