Monday, July 30, 2007


Since 21.7.2007, 22 Koreans have been kidnapped in Afganistan by the Talibans. Supposed to be 23, but the leader of the group was killed just to show people that they mean business.

They kidnapped the people in order to force the government to free some of the captured Talibans.

As of today talks are still on going in securing the release of the Koreans. They have been split into 3 groups and in 3 different areas. The reason the Talibans do so, in case any rescue attempts by the government and US forces.

I just do not understand the thinking of the Talibans. What do they hope to gain by doing this kind of things?

I pity the leaders of Afganistan, US and Koreans. If they release the prisoners, there is no gurantee that kidnapping won;t happen again. If they do not, innocent victims will be killed. There is no win-win situation in this problem. The government stand will always be 'We do not negotiate with terrorist'.

The families of the victim are also innocent in this conflict. All prayers and thoughts to the victims and their families. No amout of comforting will ease their heart ache. But i believe the good Lord will take care of them. And what ever happens, happens.

In your prayers please spare a moment to pray for them. Pray that they do not give up hope and although the situation may look grim, pray that they be spiritually strong.

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