Monday, July 30, 2007

Congratulations to Iraq Football team

For the first time, Iraq football won the Asian Cup. They beat hot favourites Saudi Arabia 1-0. They overcome many hardship and i think they deserve to win. Now hopefully the people will unite like they did when they supported their football team to reclaim back their country.

About 3,000 Iraqi refugees celebrated in Damascus, Syria. In Dearborn, Mich., Iraqi-Americans gathered in the streets, honking horns, sitting on car roofs and waving flags.

Jubilation over the team known as the "Lions of the Two Rivers" gave Iraqis a rare respite from the daily violence. The victorious run sent men of all ages cheering and dancing in Baghdad.

Celebratory gunfire resounded across the city and revelers poured into the streets in defiance of orders from authorities while mosques broadcast calls for the shooting to stop. Security forces enforced a vehicle ban in an effort to prevent a repeat of car bombings that killed dozens celebrating Iraq's progress to the final.

"The players have made us proud, not the greedy politicians," said Sabah Shaiyal, a 43-year-old police officer in Baghdad. "Once again, our national team has shown that there is only one, united Iraq." Notes: Qatar was announced Sunday as the host of the next Asian Cup, to be played in 2011.

I am sure many football fans in Malaysia would agree that they deserve the win..A team from a country full of sadness and tragedy can win, i hope Malaysia football team can learn a thing or two from this competition.

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