Monday, August 20, 2007

Brunei Trip- pic 3

Here are the pictures taken at The Empire Hotel and Country club. One of the prime tourist place in Brunei. One can enjoy a 18 hole golf game, Badminton, tennis, swiming, etc. I heard there was a room B$30,000 per night. Got its own butler and indoor swimming pool. There is also a large painting on the left as you enter the hotel. It depicts the first landing of the Spanish in Brunei.

When i was there, saw a number of people checking in, i think they are either from Hong Kong or KL (spoke cantonese). Also a lot of people taking pictures of the place. Did not managed to venture the whole place (hehe..cause not room guest).

The hotel also made its own chocolates. Very tasty. Forgot to take pictures of it. If one ever drop by to Brunei, please take a look of the place.


Puteri said...

Wow, luxurious! Did you stay here?

Nightwing said...

Hehe, no did not stay there. Just went there to take pictures...:)

zerobogey said...

If you're a golfers. what do you think about the golf course.