Monday, August 20, 2007

Malaysia Badminton - What's next?

First time hosting the World Badminton Championship and not one player reached the finals. Before the game, everything was a ok....And now it turns out one of the players not ok with the head coach. After he lost the game (tamely), he blamed it on the head coach?

But he did say sorry the next day for the out burst. I mean come on, he is the world number 3 player. Not a low, inexperience could he say such a thing? And why was this never iron on before the start of the competition? He was doing so well lately, won his matches in the Sudirman Mix team competition, he even won in Indonesia, which is the hardest place to win competition.

At least the doubles pair Tan and Koo went down fighting. But also dissapointed that they lost to lessor known players (but trained by a great double's player, Park Joo Bong). Leading 17-14, and lost.

I think the coaches need to check with them before any competition whether their 'head' is ok...i mean mental game. Look at Nicol David and Tiger Woods. Their best weapon is their mental game.

Congrats to the ladies for doing well and Chong Tan Fook and Lee Wan Wah, they finally manage to beat the Chinese pair (whom they lost a number of times) but not enough to go all the way.

I think next time, no interviews for the players. Until the competition is over baru interview..Only interview them after the competition or when they lost. Not before the competition otherwise it will be another let down. Even our Sport Minister was dissapointed.

They are supposed to be professionals, their job is to train, eat, sleep and dream badminton.

Anyway, i hope they will bounced up from this and will not let it depress them any further. They still have other competitions to compete in. Gain points for next year's Olympic


Puteri said...

I used to enjoy watching badminton, esp with the rivalry between Malaysia and Indonesia ... those were the days of the Sidek brothers!

Nightwing said...

Ya, they had the best defence in the world. And they play their hearts out.