Wednesday, September 5, 2007

World is Flat- Follow up

I have been reading this book by Thomas Friedman, i mentioned it in my blog a while back (World is Flat) . Hehe...a bit slow in finishing this book, cause there is a lot of interesting in there that i want to let it flow into my head.

For example, if not because of internet no one would have been able to blog or visit one another's web site. And from there, some one came up with the idea where one can get even get paid by blogging.. Evolution from one thing to another. Now who would have thought of blogging twenty years ago, hand phones can be use as a camera in today's world, using handphones to surf the net and check emails.. Former Secretary of State, Collin Power uses his handphones to surf and check mails.

A lot of jobs is now been outsource to India and China. Most students in the US Universities doing engineering are from Asian countries. A lot of American students are not taking maths and science anymore. Bill Gates has research centers in India and China. Top students from that country will try to be interns for the centers.

He also mentioned that in the past, parents usually tell their children 'please finish your food, think of the people in China and India who has no food to eat..' Now adays parents should tell their children to 'please study hard, cause students in China and India are studying hard to get your job'.

If can, please try and get this book and have a read. A lot of great stuffs in there and it is not boring. The author also has his own site


feli said...

'please study hard, cause students in China and India are studying hard to get your job' <---- I like that. HAHAHAHA... it is true though.

Nightwing said...

Hi there Feli, Thanks for dropping by. Glad u like the quote. Its from the author himself..hehe.

pat said...

Yalah..And through Internet also,inter-marriage has increase tremendously! hehehe

Anonymous said...

well,create your own GPT website