Thursday, December 27, 2007

How i met KL aunty....

As most of you know, sms and lovely words post in my blog are from an aunty in KL. This post is about how me and my family came to know her...hmm..will do my best..cause i am not a good story teller like Uncle Lee or Pak Zawi...:)

Every year my golf club organised a golf tournament in the month of September. My dad was one of the committee and his public relations is one of the best (something i am still learning) during his time...many golfers will love to come over to play...golfers from all over Sarawak, Sabah and Brunei...even KL.

The committee members and volunteers will go to airport to pick up out of town golfers, from air port to hotel and from hotel to golf course during competition time. Dad will always be at the airport to welcome them (even though he was not on driver duties).

So, a few ladies from KL had play in this tournament and invited this KL aunty along for that year (4 or 5 years ago, when air asia just started). It was her first trip to my city (at that time not yet city status, only became a city 2 years ago).

The competition was held from Friday to Sunday...practise round on Thursday. I only met the aunty on Sat...she carry her self very well, like a datin or something..but very humble and sincere.

Then during welcoming dinner (Friday nite), she sang a song and during the dinner...she heard a chinese song called 'Siaw Wei' and asked my dad about it. My dad told me to get one for her.

So on Sat, me and my gf went around the whole town to buy the karaoke cd of the was an 'old' song so was kind of tough. But we manage to get it, so went to the club to pass the vcd to her. She was surprise and happy about it.

And we started to talk and it turns out she got a great sense of humour. I think if you all ever meet up...all of you will like her.

Coincidencely, i booked my air ticket to KL on November. She said to let her know when i was going.

So that was how i met her...bought her the vcd and had a few chit chats, dinner and drove her and some of the players around...she left for KL on sunday..and on Monday...start of her lovely messages.

In November that year, she picked me and my gf at the airport. And brought us to her house and met the husband...funny man. Great sense of humour too. Really a lovely couple. They are very well off but do not act like one. Unlike some people who acts as if they the richest ppl on earth.

I mean i am just a 'kid', with no connections and they take me as their friend. Brought us for lunch, drop us at the hotel. Picked us up for dinner and at the end of my trip, took us to the airport.

I mean in KL to travel from one place to another is not like my city...where to go, anywhere is only 10 mins.

After her 'initial' trip...she has been here 2 to 3 times (that is when my mom got to know her too)..even her friends wonder 'what do u do there?'...she always play golf and visit friends there..:)

Last year she did not come cause dad no longer involve with club activities... Last year December, during my MBA graduation...i invited her and her husband to my convo (was held in KL). Am glad they agree to go.

This year did not meet them ...but sms ada lah..:) Maybe next year might make a trip to KL ....cause now got fellow bloggers to meet up too...:)

And so, that is how i met and became friends with KL aunty..:)


sting said...

sometimes its people like them that makes life fun ya...? :-)

ZACH said...

your blog seems to attract more and more readers. keep it up man.


Nightwing said...

Hi Sting,

You are right about that one...:) Thanks for popping by..u have a great weekend ahead.

Nightwing said...

Hi Zach,

Thanks for popping by and the kind words.

U take care now, cheers...:)