Tuesday, December 18, 2007


From KL Aunty...:)


are not how u forget but how u forgive :)

but not how u listen but how u understand :)

not what u see but how u feel :)

not how u let go but how u hold on...:)



U.Lee said...

Hi Nightwing, how true what you posted.
I have many friends all these years, but I pick and choose good ones....yes, you guessed it. The gentleman ones.
I like friends who respect people, no matter who or what they are.
I dislike friends who don't know how to treat women, or misbehave infront of them or use uncomfortable language infront of ladies.
One time, I was at a night club, there was these two young guys with their dates, and practically forcing the young girls to drink strong drinks. They already refused wanting soft drinks instead saying they can't drink.
Then one of the girls got mad, because the boys called her coward, she drank the whole glass of Brandy straight down, then right infront of everybody she threw up. Oh boy, there was blood too as she was really throwing up. She couldn't breath, coughing, crying getting dirty too...And these two bums? They panic, didn't know what to do!!
I just couldn't stand it, I got up, punched one fellow right across his table, slapped the other one before he could dodged, the sound sure was loud. And helped the poor girl, while the manager phoned for an ambulance. Security too rushed in. The two guys ran off as I chased them wanted to bash both up again.
Holy Smoke, I really pitied the girl, only about 18, and she was really suffering, her nice dress all dirtied. Gosh!
I felt really disgusted too, oh ya, had a bad cut on my hand too, as I did punched him hard across his teeth! I was really mad!
Yes, friends one can have many, but good ones? You will know who they are.
You keep well, Nightwing, UL.

Nightwing said...

Hello Uncle Lee,

Ya, you right on that point. Must respect people, no matter who they are.

Ya, can;t stand people who force their friends or other ppl to drink. Especially those who can;t drink.

And even worse for forcing ladies to drink. Those are sick buggers. And lucky u bashed them up.

As for me, i have stop drinking cause July check up, liver something wrong already...and thank God the latest report...showed improvement.

But no one force me to drink..i drank cause of social thingy and work. And i know my limit.

I told my friends, any 'friends' who force people to drink are not consider friends at all.

Where are they when we are lying in hospital bed ?

Are they going to foot for medical bills?

Are they going to take care of the family if some thing happend?

Of course not, they so good in forcing people to drink they did not think of the consequences.

Like the two idiots u bashed up, before ambulance came, they already ran off...leaving the ladies behind.

U did good there Uncle Lee.

Thanks for sharing the story.