Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Songs i usually sing during K time..

Want to list down the songs i know and usually sing during K session (not in one session though would have loss my voice).. This is not in any particular order of songs i like. Cause there will be too many of them. When possible i usually start off with Michael Learns to Rock's, "That's why".

1) That's Why- Michael Learns to Rock.
2) My Way - Mr Frank Sinatra
3) Without you - Air Supply version.
4) Power of love - Celion Dion version.
5) Masterpiece - Atlantic Starr
6) Love Story - Andy Williams
7) In Love with you - Jacky Cheong duet with Regine Velasquez
8) Knife - Rockwell
9) Moon River- Andy Williams
10) I started a Joke - Bee Gees
11) Tragedy - Bee Gees ------So far the only song, sang in front of 600 people
(cousin's wedding 2007)
12) Too much heaven - Bee Gees
13) Words - Bee Gees
14) Staying alive - Bee Gees
15) Godfather theme song - Andy Williams
16) Paint my love - MLTR
17) You took my heart away - MLTR
18) A song for you - Andy Williams
19) Unchained Melody - Air Supply Version
20) Yesterday once more- Carpenters
21) Grovy kind of love - Phil Collins
22) It might be you -Stephen Bishop
23) Take a bow - Madona
24) Strangers in the night - Mr Frank Sinatra
25) I like Chopin - Gazebo
26) Dancing Queen - Abba
27) Last Christmas- Wham
28) Right here waiting - Richard Marx
29) You are not alone - Michael Jackson
30) Sukiyaki - The new version
31) Within your remain - Tokyo Square
32) Everything i do i do it for u - Bryan Adams
33) Mandy - Boyzone version
34) Ocean Deep - Sir Cliff Richard
35) Wonderful tonight - Eric Clapton
36) When u say nothing at all - Ronan Keating
37) Unbreak my heart - Toni Braxton
38) No matter what - Boyzone
39) Titanic song - Celine Dion
40) Smokes get in your eyes - The platters
41) I Swear - All for one
42) All i have to do is dream - The Everly Brothers
43) Endless Love - Lionel Richie duet with Diana Rose
44) Beauty and the beast - Celian Dion
45) A whole New world - Aladdin song
46) In the still of the night - The five satins
47) Memory - Cats
48) When will i see you again - The three degrees
49) Seasons in the sun - the new version
50) If - Bread
51) Nothing going to change my love for you - Westlife version
52) Sometimes when we touch - Dan Hill
53) Everyday i love you - Boyzone
54) More than words - Westlife version
55) You be in my heart- Phil Collins
56) I love you - Celion Dion
57) Because you love me - Celion Dion
58) When i fall in love - Celion Dion
59) Can;t help falling in love - Elvis
60) Its now or never - Elvis
61) Love me tender - Elvis
62) Always on my mind - Elvis
63) All out of love - Air supply
64) Even the nights are better - Air supply
65) Good bye - Air supply
66) First of May - Bee Gees
67) How deep is ur love - Bee Gees
68) Will you still love me tomorrow - The Shirelles
69) Hard to say im sorry - Chicago
70) Better man- Robbie Williams
71) Shes the one - Robbie Williams


Anonymous said...

Most of the songs from your list are my favorite ones too :) I think we have same kind of fav musics. :)

Nightwing said...

Hi Nyumix,

Cool....we have something in common..:)

Thanks for dropping by.

Sue said...

Wah by the time you sing all the songs you willbe really really tired..hehe

Akmal said...

man, you have one heck of a list! many of the songs are in my fav playlist, especially celine dion! but you see, I will also go for a it harder music...not that hard, you know. instumental too, especially piano.

Nightwing said...

Hi Sue,

Hehe...ya.. i don;t sing all of them at one session...:) Next day gurantee no voice.

Nightwing said...

Hi Akmal,

Nice one on your play list..:)

Hehe...i do listen to some, like Bon Jovi type of songs...Peter Pan of Indonesia got some cool songs too.

Too bad i don;t recall the names, only listen to it when i am the music cafe.

= FLoReNcE = said...

Wah..nightwing. U know how to sing so many songs? Next time if got chance hang out with u in Karaoke, don't rampas my mic from me ok?? I like to sing as well. I bet u r a good singer too. Am I right? ^_^

Anonymous said...

YEah... Nightwing usually hits all the song list in one night...with mineral water and a cheapskate friend like me...

but that was the old days.

i dont know about now...

Dang you should see how his veins on this neck enlarged everytime he sings that number from Air Supply!!



Nightwing said...

Hi Florence,

haha...don;t worry, i don't mic hog...i enjoy listen to ppl sing also..:)

Nightwing said...

Hi Bigtee,

Thanks for dropping by. Don;t listen to him...i don't sing 'all' those songs in one night.

Bigtee is also a great singer too, he is good with guitar.

Ya...the old days when we go to the K room and ask for mineral water...that was so funny then.

Ya..big veins and eyes close...if bigtee is around he will ask ppl around to see my veins and eyes close singing thingy...hehe.

U keep well now bro...u still owe me K session. Think last time we hang out is like 2 or 3 years ago.

Anonymous said...

woooo!! u hv long list of songs ter bro n most of it i wud sing them in d bathroom hehehe...wanna hear u sing Tragedy-BeeGees 1 of tis day k.. ;)

Nightwing said...

Hi Ladybird,

hehe.. i am sure u r a good singer too...:)

No worries...will sing one of these days.

Puteri said...

Wahhh, terer lah you! :-) I can only sing one song in that list, and some more sound like a frog singing it! Haha.

Nightwing said...

Hi Puteri,

Which song...? No lah...where got u sing like a frog...:)