Friday, June 27, 2008


Got this from you know who...:)

If Yesterday didn't end up the way YOU planned,
just remember....GOD created TODAY for YOU to
START a new one!

The BEST is yet to come!

Have a great day and weekend, God bless.


Monica said...

Hi Nightwing, I've a tag for you here ;-) Enjoy your weekend too...

sting said...

hahaha.. thanks for the sms post.. things sure are not going my way now.. :-)

Nightwing said...

Helo Monica,

Thanks for the tag...will pop over..:)

Nightwing said...

Hi Sting,

Thanks for dropping by...hang in there...things will get better.

Yatie_T said...

Hi Nightwing,
that was a very nice reminder. It make me feel calm after reading it .... take a deep breath and thinking that I have another day to make it right. :)
Thanks for sharing.

Nightwing said...

Hi Yatie,

Am glad u like the message..:)

You have a great week ahead now..Cheers..:)