Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tiger Woods..

First off congratulations to Tiger Woods in winning the 2008 US Open. And he did in pain. After not playing for 2 months, recovering from knee surgery after the Masters in April. He came back with out playing any competition or played any 18 holes golf. This open is the best one and it will be the talk of golfers for many years to come.

Can catch the new here ...ESPN.

When i heard that he was playing through pain, i knew he will be out after the US Open and may missed the British Open in July. What i did not know is that he will be missing the rest of 2008 season. Another operation to fix his knee, so that he can continue to play in the long run. Can catch the story here.

After hearing this news, already people are talking that golf attendance might drop because the world top golfer won't be playing. This will give the rest of the players a chance to win some tournament. Tiger's world ranking points is so high, that if he does not play for 2 years, he will still be world number 1 (and it is based on the points between him and world number 2).

Now, what i am peeved about is another golfer who i don;t know either jealous or a bit of ding bat, i am sure Cat Cat and Mr GQ will agree with me..he should have kept his mouth shut. Got this from here. I hope Tiger sees this news and when he comes back, beat the crap out of this ding bat. And he better do not say he was misquoted or that sort thing.

European stars back injured Woods

Some of Europe's top players have backed Tiger Woods after Retief Goosen questioned the severity of the injury he played with in winning the US Open.

The South African suggested Woods, who had a third operation on his left knee in April, could have been faking.

But Woods's announcement on Wednesday that he will miss the rest of the season to have surgery back up claims that players heard noises from his leg.

Woods said he will subsequently miss the Open at Birkdale and the Ryder Cup.

The world number one will also miss the USPGA to have reconstructive surgery on the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee and to rehabilitate a double stress fracture of his left tibia which came about in preparation for the US Open.

Speaking to a German television station ahead of the BMW International Open in Munich, two-time US Open champion Goosen said Woods's injury seemed to come and go throughout the tournament.

"It just seemed when he hit bad shots his knee was in pain and on his good shots he wasn't," he said.

Asked if he felt Woods could have been faking it, Goosen said: "I think so. When he made the putts and he went down on his knees and shouting 'yeah', his knee wasn't sore.

Goosen later claimed he was just being "light-hearted," but added: "No-one but Tiger knows how badly hurt he was. But if he was really badly hurt, he would have withdrawn, wouldn't he?"

But Paul Casey said that Robert Karlsson's caddie heard Woods's knee creaking. "He was right there and clearly he was suffering," said Casey. "Noises from the knee doesn't sound good to me."

Niclas Fasth, the defending champion in Munich, said: "I didn't speak to Tiger, but he was obviously hurting."

And Graeme McDowell added: "Tiger is the first person to win a major on one leg - he's the greatest of all time. It was great drama and I don't care if he was injured or not. It made for fantastic television.

"Technically, physically, mentally he's better than everyone else and that's a scary thought. When he is on his game nobody is even close."

Woods play-off win at Torrey Pines secured his 14th major and he is now just four behind Jack Nicklaus's record haul.

Me and some fellow friends...usually say we don;t mind Tiger lose to so and for example, we would not mind if he had lost to Rocco in this US Open.

But there are a few we do not want Tiger to lose to. And this ding bat just made the latest list of golfers we hope Tiger will pounced on.

To Mr Tiger Woods, i hope and pray that the knee surgery will be a success and you will recover well and be ready for 2009. Take care and God bless.


Bento Pet said...

Hi! Hi! Long time didn't visit you. Been reading your old posts and listening to your sing-a-longs!! Bzbz as always, keep singing and be happy!! Cheers!!

Nightwing said...

Hi Bento Pet,

How are you? Thanks for dropping by.

Take care now...drop by when you are free..:)

Take care now..:)

Cat Cat said...

This ding-dong Goosy need a whack from someone... How could he say
Tiger is faking..?? Man, some people appear to be so smart until you hear them talk and Gossy is definitely on of them!

Nightwing said...

Hi Cat,

Agree with you....can;t wait for Tiger to come back and kick his kaboosh.

J.T. said...

Hi Nightwing

Some people are just jealous of Tiger Woods. When he got married and soon after that he was not performing well, they say the wife or personal life distracted him. I heard he was finding new ways to improve his game. I think he is entitled to do what he wants with his life - be it allowing personal life to distract, training or surgery. And if it means letting go of some games, so be it.

And now that dingbat accuses him of faking it. I hope Tiger Woods beats him to the pulp when he returns. I think TW will beat Jack Nicklaus' record in time to come .. if all goes well with his life.

Nightwing said...

Hi JT,

Thanks for dropping by...:)

Agree with what you commented...and ya...he can beat Jack's record.

His aim and determination is there. Only 4 more to go to tie and 5 to break it.