Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya....

To my fellow friends who are celebrating Hari Raya.....

Wealth can melt,

Pleasure is unsure,

Power is not forever,

But friends who remember each other

will always stay together.

Therefore i wanna wish you and your family a Happy Selamat Hari Raya.

For those who balik kampung please drive safely. Happy holidays to all..cheers!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hubby wanted...

Hehe...got this from you know who..:)

Have a great weekend people...:)

A lonely widow, aged , decided that it was time to get married again.

So she put an ad in the local newspaper that read:
On the second day she heard the doorbell.

Much to her dismay, she opened the door to see a grey-haired gentleman

sitting in a wheel chair. He had no arms or legs.
'You're not really asking me to consider you, are you?'

the widow said. 'Just look at you - you have no legs!'
The old gentleman smiled, ' Therefore, I cannot run around on you!'
'You don't have any arms either!' she snorted.
Again, the old man smiled, 'Therefore, I can never beat you!'
She raised an eyebrow and asked intently, 'Are you still good in bed??'
The old man leaned back, beamed a big smile and said,

'I rang the doorbell, didn't I?'

The wedding is scheduled for Saturday.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Got this from an email. Not sure if it is true or not...but at the moment it is better safe then sorry.

香港检测的 不合格名单
Not qualified list
Manufacturer's name & address

1 . KLIM Instant Full Cream Milk Powder (1.8 kg)
( 淨重 : 1.8 千克 )
Manufacturer: Nestle Shuangcheng Ltd.
Address: Friendship Road , Shuangcheng City , Heilongjiang Province, PRC

2. Nestle Carnation Calcium Plus Non Fat Milk Powder (1.6 kg)
三花高鈣脫脂奶粉 ( 淨重 : 1600 克 )
Manufacturer: Nestle Shuangcheng Ltd.
Address: Friendship Road , Shuangcheng City , Heilongjiang Province, PRC

3. Nespray
3 + 歲以上
( 淨重 : 900 克 )
Manufacturer: Nestle Shuangcheng Ltd
Address: Nestle Shuangcheng Ltd., PRC

4. Nestle Dairy Farm Pure Milk
雀巢牛奶公司純牛奶 ( 淨容量 : 1 升 )
Manufacturer: Nestle Qingdao Ltd.
Address: Weihai Xi Lu, Laixi City , Qingdao , P.R. China

5. Mengniu Pure Milk
( 淨體積 : 250 毫升 )
製造商:中國內蒙古蒙牛乳業 ( 集團 ) 股份有限公司
地址 : 中國內蒙古呼和浩特市和林格爾盛樂經濟園區

6. Monmilk Breakfast Milk Walnut Milk Beverage
( 淨體積 : 250 毫升 )
製造商:中國內蒙古蒙牛乳業 ( 集團 ) 股份有限公司
地址 : 中國內蒙古呼和浩特市和林格爾盛樂經濟園區

7. Monmilk Suan Suan Ru Sour Milk Beverage (Mango Flavour)
蒙牛酸酸乳酸味奶類飲品 ( 芒果味 )
( 淨體積 : 250 毫升 )
製造商:中國內蒙古蒙牛乳業 ( 集團 ) 股份有限公司
地址 : 中國內蒙古呼和浩特市和林格爾盛樂經濟園區

8. Monmilk
Milk Deluxe Pure Milk
( 淨體積 : 250 毫升 )
製造商:中國內蒙古蒙牛乳業 ( 集團 ) 股份有限公司
地址 : 中國內蒙古呼和浩特市和林格爾盛樂經濟園區

9. Yili High Calcium Low Fat Milk Beverage
( 淨體積 : 250 毫升 )
地址 : 中國內蒙古呼和浩特市金川開發區金三道 2 號

10. Dutch Lady Pure Milk
( 淨容量 : 1 公升 )
Manufacturer: Tianjian Dutch Lady Dairy Foods Co., Ltd.
Address: South of Dongting Road , Hexi District, Tianjin , PRC

11. Vita Fresh Milk
( 淨容量 : 236 毫升 )
地址 : 中國廣東省深圳市光明華僑畜牧場

12. Nestle Vanilla Flavour Ice Cream Cone
雀巢雲呢拿味雪糕甜筒 (8 支盒裝 )
Manufacturer: Nestle Tianjin Ltd.
Address: No.149 Nanhai Road , TEDA, Tianjin , PRC

13. Nestle Chocolate Flavour Ice Cream Cone
雀巢朱古力味雪糕甜筒 (8 支盒裝 )
Manufacturer: Nestle Tianjin Ltd.
Address: No.149 Nanhai Road , TEDA, Tianjin , PRC

14. Meiji Ujikintoki (red bean and green tea frozen confection)
(6 支盒裝 :6 x 75 克 )
Manufacturer: Guangdong M&F- Yan Tang Dairy Products Co., Ltd
Address: Datanggang Shahe, Guangzhou , China

15. Meiji Hokkaido Azuki (red bean ice cream)
(6 支盒裝 :6 x 70 克 )
Manufacturer: Guangdong M&F- Yan Tang Dairy Products Co., Ltd
Address: Datanggang Shahe, Guangzhou , China

16. Trappist Dairy Low Fat Yogurt Drink
( 淨容量 : 200 毫升 )
地址 : 香港元朗青山公路二十八咪半

17. Strawberry Sorbet
戀愛果實士多啤梨雪巴 ( 淨重 : 54 克 )
Manufacturer: Xincheng Greenearth Food Co., Ltd
Address: No.62 Xingjianzhai, Huazhou Road , Pudong, Shanghai , China

18. Natural Choice Milk Ice Bar
( 淨體積 : 85 毫升 )
Manufacturer: Shanghai Yili AB Foods Co., Ltd
Address: No. 269 Beidou Road, Minhang Zone, Shanghai P.R. of China

19. 牛奶木瓜口味飲料 (Papaya Milk Drink) (350ml) -- 尚効
製造商:春喬食品興業股份有限公司 ( 地址 : 台灣彰化縣員林鎮鎮興里山腳路 3 段
25 巷 72 號 )

20. 阿薩姆奶茶 (Assam Milk Tea) (350ml) -- 尚効
製造商:春喬食品興業股份有限公司 ( 地址 : 台灣彰化縣員林鎮鎮興里山腳路 3 段
25 巷 72 號 )

21. 藍山炭燒咖啡 (Carbonize Coffee) (280ml) -- 尚効
製造商:春喬食品興業股份有限公司 ( 地址 : 台灣彰化縣員林鎮鎮興里山腳路 3 段
25 巷 72 號 )

For your information, the following items have been recalled due to China's milk scandal:

1. M&M
2. Snickers
3. Mento's Yoghurt Bottle
4. Dove Chocolate
5. Oreo Wafer Sticks
6. Dutchlady Sterilised Milk
7. Wall's all natural mango
8. Mini Poppers Ice Cream
9. Magnum Ice Cream
10. Moo Sandwich Ice Cream
11. Mini Cornetto
12. Youcan Ice Cream

Stores have been asked by AVA Singapore to remove them. If u have any of these items at home, don't eat them.

Singapore's Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) has said that its laboratory test have shown that the "White Rabbit Creamy Candy" from China is also contaminated with melamine.

Consumers who have bought the affected products are advised not to consume them, the AVA said in a statement.

The latest test results bring the total number of milk and related products from China imported into Singapore that are found to be contaminated with melamine to three.

The other two affected products are "Yili Brand" Choice Dairy Fruit Bar Yogurt Flavoured Ice Confection" and "Dutch Lady" brand of strawberry flavoured milk.

All the affected products have been recalled earlier.

Since Sept 19, 2008, AVA has suspended the import and sale of all milk and milk products from China.

These products include milk, ice-cream, yoghurt, confectionery such as chocolates, biscuits and sweets as well as any other products containing milk from China as an ingredient.

Retailers and importers have also been instructed to recall these products and withhold them from sale.

AVA will not hesitate to prosecute any retailer or importer who fail to remove these products from their shelves. Under the Sale of Food Act, anyone found selling unwholesome food can be fined up to $10,000 and/or sentenced to three months jail, or both.

As a precaution, consumers are also advised not to consume any milk or milk products from China.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Enjoy Your Coffee!

Received this from a friend. May be some of you have read it. Any way i find it is good and will like to share it with you.

'The happiest people in the world are not those who have no problems, but
those who learn to live with things that are less than perfect.'

A group of graduates, highly established in their careers, got together to
visit their old university professor. Conversation soon turned into
complaints about stress in work and life. Offering his guests coffee, the
professor went to the kitchen and returned with a large pot of coffee and
an assortment of cups - porcelain, plastic, glass, crystal, some plain
looking, some expensive, some exquisite - telling them to help themselves
to the coffee.

When all the students had a cup of coffee, the professor said: 'If you
noticed, all the nice looking expensive cups were taken up, leaving behind
the simple and cheap ones. While it is normal for you to want only the best
for yourselves, that is the source of your problems and stress. Be assured
that the cup itself adds no quality to the coffee. In most cases, it is
just more expensive and in some cases even hides what we drink. What all of
you really wanted was coffee, not the cup, but you consciously went for the
best cups... Then you began eyeing each other's cups.'

Now consider this, said the professor, 'Life is the coffee; the jobs, money
and position in society are the cups. They are just tools to hold and
contain Life, and the type of cup we have does not define, nor change the
quality of Life we live. Sometimes, by concentrating on the cup, we fail to
enjoy the coffee God has provided us. Enjoy your coffee!'

The happiest people don't have the best of everything. They just make the
best of everything. Four things to take note of in life...

1. Live simply.
2. Love generously.
3. Care deeply.
4. Speak kindly.

Shine a light & enjoy your Coffee today!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

An update on why did the chicken cross the road...

Another one from KL aunty..:)

This is posted as a joke. Hope you all will enjoy it.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

The chicken crossed the road because it was time for a CHANGE! The chicken wanted CHANGE!

My friends, that chicken crossed the road because it recognized the need to engage in cooperation and dialogue with all the chickens on the other side of the road.

When I was First Lady, I personally helped that little chicken cross the road. This experience makes me uniquely qualified to ensure -- right from Day One! -- that every chicken in this country gets the chance it deserves to cross the road. But then, this really isn't about me.......

We don't really care why the chicken crossed the road. We just want to know if the chicken is on our side of the road or not. The chicken is either against us, or for us. There is no middle ground here.

Imagine all the chickens in the world crossing the road together, in peace.

I have just released eChicken2008, which will not only cross roads, but will lay eggs, file your important documents, and balance your check book. Internet Explorer is an integral part of the Chicken. This new platform is much more stable and will never cra...#@&&^(C% .......... reboot.

I did not cross the road with THAT chicken. What is your definition of chicken?

Chicken shall not shit while crossing the road. This is for a green environment.

We have installed crossing lights at all traffic junctions. All chickens should follow instructions while crossing the road.

Gantry points have been set up. All chickens wanting to cross the road are advised to top up their cash cards first.

What chickens? I don't know any chickens... especially those from Mongolia.

We have to be fair to all chickens. Some want to cross over the road, some do not. ........ Zzzzzz .......zzzzzz ....... Now what were we talking about? Ah yes, chickens. We will form a Royal Commission to decide whether it is right for them to cross the road.

Now even non-bumi chickens want to cross the road! How can they disrespect and disregard apa nama bumi chickens? We must be allowed to cross over first. It is our special privilege and no one can challenge that!

We have enough chickens waiting to cross over in September.

All foreign chickens are welcome in Malaysia but they must not cross over the road within 50km of the border.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Stand up to cancer..

2 nights ago i was watching Astro and this programme was shown. It was shown in AXN at 8pm. For me, first time that channel did not have any commercial break. Show was for one hour.

Its where almost all of the top holiwood actors, sportsperson, news people, business people came together on this occassion. Some are cancer survivors (Lance Armstrong, Fran (star from 'The Nanny') and few others).

A lot of things can be said about the American people..but when they come together for a common goal, they really come together. Almost everyone sure got love ones loss the battle to cancer.

This stand up to cancer is a way to fight back, everyone just donate some money for R and D on cancer. Bring all the top scientist together to share their info and hopefully, there is a chance for the future generation.

I lost an uncle to lung cancer and a friend's wife to cancer too. Although this is an American initiative but am sure when the time comes, they will share their findings to the rest of the world.

Got this from Wikipedia.

Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) is a charitable program of the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) established by media, entertainment and philanthropic leaders who have been affected by cancer. SU2C aims to raise significant funds for translational cancer research through online and televised efforts. Central to the program is a telethon that aired on three major broadcast networks (ABC, NBC, CBS) on September 5, 2008.

The SU2C leadership team includes news anchor Katie Couric; the Entertainment Industry Foundation, represented by Board of Directors Chairperson Sherry Lansing and CEO Lisa Paulsen; Laura Ziskin; the Noreen Fraser Foundation and its executives Noreen Fraser, Woody Fraser, Rusty Robertson and Sue Schwartz; and nonprofit executive Ellen Ziffren.

The Stand Up To Cancer initiative aims to raise awareness and bring about an understanding that everyone is connected by cancer. The stat used most often by SU2C is from the American Cancer Society: one out of every two men and one out of every three women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime[1], meaning everyone is affected in some way, or will be. Another part of the campaign is motivating the public through various forms of media to become involved in the cause of curing cancer.

One doctor involved in Stand Up To Cancer, Dennis Slamon, MD, has compared treating cancer with treating hypertension:

"If we turn cancer into a chronic disease that's manageable, have we cured it? No, not any more than you 'cure' hypertension. You treat hypertension, and if you successfully treat hypertension the patient may die, but they're going to die of something other than hypertension or the diseases related to hypertension. Does that constitute a cure? It constitutes an appropriate control of the disease so that it isn't what's life-ending."[2].

The initiative has been framed only as a national project, isolated to America.

SU2C's ultimate goal is to cut down on the amount of time promising research takes in progressing from discovery through clinical trials and out onto the market. The initiative's funding model is offered as an alternative to the traditional grant proposal and funding process used by institutions like the National Cancer Institute, wherein a reported two in ten grants are funded[3].

With the exception of a 10% endowment for possible future investments, the funds raised by SU2C will go as immediately as possible toward research. 100% of publicly donated funds go to research, none to overhead costs. 70% of funds will go to scientific “dream teams” established by experts, including the American Association for Cancer Research.[4] Teams picked will be subject to mandated collaboration in hopes of accelerating research. The remaining 20% of funds will go to innovative young investigators who might not otherwise gain funding. [5]

SU2C “dream teams” will be composed of scientific experts, patient advocates, and experts in pre-clinical trial data. SU2C distinguishes itself from federal funding agencies like the National Institutes of Health by stressing that funding needs to go to applicable research now, when we finally possess promising knowledge about cancer and how it works at the molecular level. [6]

The Stand Up To Cancer manifesto has been published on the organization's website. No author is credited.

SU2C Manifesto[7]:

This is where the end of cancer begins.
When together we become a force unmistakable.
A movement undeniable.
A light that cannot dim.
When we take our wild impossible dreams
And make them possible
Make them true
When together we rise as one
When we stand up
When we Stand Up To Cancer.

standup2cancer.org (or su2c.org) launched on May 28th, 2008, the same day as the press release announcing the initiative. The website is the public face of Stand Up To Cancer in the run-up to the show and allows users to donate online. The website contains information about the initiative, video channels under the heading SUTV, and an online cancer magazine called SU2C Mag. Content includes videos and articles featuring performers and writers like Larry David and Jerome Groopman, M.D. Other promotional material with TV and film celebrities is also prominent.

The website has two social networking applications, or apps: The Stand is a Facebook application that allows Facebook users impacted by cancer to connect with one another via trading cards, leveraging Facebook's back-end networking capacity.

The Constellation, a tool through which anyone can launch a star in honor of someone they know who has been diagnosed with cancer. Honorees' stars cluster or align in close proximity within a telescope-like map of a virtual night sky. Stars can be launched for minimum $1 donation.

The three major American television networks, NBC, ABC, CBS, as well as E! aired Stand Up To Cancer's one-hour special event without commercials[8] on September 5th at 8pm ET/PT.[9] It was simulcast on three Canadian networks, Citytv, CTV, and Global.[10]

The networks also helped publicize the initiative by plugging it on their morning shows on May 28, 2008. Katie Couric made her first appearance on the Today Show since moving to an anchor position on the CBS Evening News as part of the promotional effort.[11] Brian Williams and Charles Gibson also took part.

The special included the campaign's theme song "Just Stand Up", produced by Antonio "L.A." Reid, featuring some of the top female artists in pop/rock music, including Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, Carrie Underwood, Leona Lewis, Miley Cyrus, Fergie, Rihanna and Ciara. The song was performed live during the telethon, and was released as a single via iTunes.

Actress Christina Applegate, who in the months prior to the show underwent a successful double mastectomy, appeared on the special, as did Patrick Swayze, making his first network television appearance since being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.[12]

The heavy attention paid to the use of celebrities has led critics to claim that Stand Up To Cancer sacrifices substance for glamour.

Health care advocates have criticized the movement for focusing on translational research instead of public health concerns including carcinogens in our food, water, and everyday household materials. They have also criticized the project's emphasis on cures as over-emphasizing research without attention to prevention and health care access.

Listed as partners, known SU2C corporate and private donors include:

Major League Baseball
Saks Fifth Avenue
Steve Tisch
Stonyfield Farm

SU2C makes heavy use of cancer-related statistics in its outreach to the public. Frequently utilized statistics include:

Ending cancer would be worth $50 trillion to the US economy.[13]
One out of two men, and one out of three women, will be diagnosed with cancer.[14]
1,500 Americans die from cancer every day.[15]
One American dies of cancer every minute.[16]
There are nearly 11 million cancer survivors in America right now.[17]


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Two Nuns

Got this email from KL aunty....:)

There were two nuns...
One of them was known as Sister Mathematical (SM), and the other one was known as Sister Logical (SL).
It is getting dark and they are still far away from the convent.

SM: Have you noticed that a man has been following us for the past thirty-eight and a half minutes? I wonder what he wants.

SL: It's logical. He wants to rape us.

SM: Oh, no! At this rate he will reach us in 15 minutes at the most? What can we do?

SL: The only logical thing to do of course is to walk faster.

SM: It's not working.

SL: Of course it's not working. The man did the only logical thing. He started to walk faster, too.

SM: So, what shall we do? At this rate he will reach us in one minute.

SL: The only logical thing we can do is split. You go that way and I'll go this way. He cannot follow us both.

So the man decided to follow Sister Logical.

Sister Mathematical arrives at the convent and is worried about what has happened to Sister Logical.

Then Sister Logical arrives.

SM: Sister Logical! Thank God you are here! Tell me what happened!

SL: The only logical thing happened. The man couldn't follow us both,so he followed me

SM: Yes, yes! But what happened then?

SL: The only logical thing happened. I started to run as fast as I could and he started to run as fast as he could.

SM: And?

SL: The only logical thing happened. He reached me.

SM: Oh, dear! What did you do?

SL: The only logical thing to do. I lifted my dress up.

SM: Oh, Sister! What did the man do?

SL: The only logical thing to do. He pulled down his pants.

SM: Oh, no! What happened then?

SL: Isn't it logical, Sister?




What do you think happened?

Think for a minute for the answer, then scroll down……………..












Are you sure that was what has happened? …………

Scroll down further………………………………………










A nun with her dress up can run faster than a man with his pants down.

And for those of you who thought it would be dirty, say two HAIL Marys!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Good bye ...Air Supply

Another sing for fun song. Hope it is ok..:)